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Alderman, N (2017) Pavlov and his dogs.

Alderman, N (2017) Strange beds: episode 5.

Alderman, N (2017) Zombies, run! 6.

Alderman, N (2017) The birth of photography.

Alexander, K and Kampe, T (2017) 'Bodily undoing: somatics as practices of critique.' Journal of Dance & Somatic Practices, 9 (1). pp. 3-12. ISSN 1757-1871

Alexander, S (2017) Women, know your place! [choreographer]. In: Tree, The Mission Theatre, Bath, UK, 16 December 2017.

Almond, D (2017) Heaven eyes. Arts Centre, Washington, UK, 8 - 25 February 2017.

Almond, D (2017) Island. Hodder Children's Books, London. ISBN 9781444937176

Almond, D (2017) A song for Ella Grey. Northern Stage, Newcastle, UK, 4 - 16 September 2017.

Almond, D (2017) The tale of Angelino Brown. Walker Books, London UK. ISBN 9781406358070

Almond, D and Tickell, K (2017) Tales and tunes. HOME Theatre, Manchester, UK, 21 October - 3 November 2017.

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Barnes, M (2017) Foundation stone: poetry's place in science and the spiritual. PhD thesis, Bath Spa University.

Barnes, M (2017) Science & poetry writers workshop: finding the locus of meaning. In: Public Workshop, 25 July 2017, At-Bristol/Bristol Aquarium, Bristol, UK.

Bayley, A (2017) Crossing musical bridges: composers, performers and intercultural encounters. In: Professorial Lecture Series 2016-17, 22 February 2017, Bath Spa University, Bath, UK.

Bayley, A (2017) Researching cross-cultural collaborations. In: International Symposium of Ethnographies of Musical Heritage, 21 - 24 November 2017, Federal University of Pelotas, Pelotas, Brazil.

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Bayley, A and Nooshin, L (2017) Whose difference? Whose 'multiculturalism'? In: British Forum for Ethnomusicology One-Day Conference: 'Listening to Difference' - Music and Multiculturalism, 21 October 2017, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK.

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Bianchi, J (2017) Enriching communities through culture: transformatory art educational projects in UNESCO World Heritage Centres, Bath and Delhi. In: InSEA17: 35th World Congress of the International Society for Education through Art, 7 - 11 August 2017, Daegu, South Korea.

Binckes, F (2017) "Whet your contentiousness": enemy material, 1927-1929. In: Modernist Studies Association 19: Modernism Today, 10 - 13 August, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Binckes, F (2017) The kangaroo and the fountain-pen: Nina Hamnett and the artist as autobiographer. In: Word and Image: the Second Modernist Network Cymru, 12 - 13 September 2017, National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth, Wales.

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Brain, T (2017) Fiction published under a pseudonym. Harper Collins, London.

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Brown, A, Fishenden, J, Thompson, M and Venters, W (2017) 'Appraising the impact and role of platform models and Government as a Platform (GaaP) in UK Government public service reform: towards a Platform Assessment Framework (PAF).' Government Information Quarterly, 34 (2). pp. 167-182. ISSN 0740-624X

Brown, A.R (2017) Metal music studies: head bangin’ in the academy. In: Research Day: Media Convergence Research Centre, 13 September 2017, Bath Spa University, Bath, UK.

Brown, A.R (2017) Songs in the key of depression, suicide and death: how metal musicians sustained a dialogue of community with their fans in a period of moral panic about heavy metal music, 1984-1991. In: 3rd ISMMS Biennial International Conference - Boundaries and Ties: The Place of Metal Music in Communities, 9 - 11 June 2017, University of Victoria, Victoria, Canada.

Brown, A.R (2017) Who invented heavy metal? [book review]. Metal Music Studies, 3 (3). pp. 465-481. ISSN 2052-3998


Calvert-Ennals, S (2017) The Depraved Appetite of Tarrare the Freak. Tobacco Factory Theatre, Bristol, UK, 25 - 28 January 2017.

Campbell, A (2017) 'Sound waves: “blue ecology” in the poetry of Robin Robertson and Kathleen Jamie.' Études écossaises, 19. pp. 1-15. ISSN 1969-6337

Carver, L and Sullivan, S (2017) 'How economic contexts shape calculations of "yield" in biodiversity offsetting.' Conservation Biology, 31 (5). pp. 1053-1065. ISSN 0888-8892

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Caulfield, L.S, Simpson, E and Jacobs, C (2017) Improving resilience and well-being through the arts: exploring methodologies using an example of research in youth justice. In: Culture, Health and Wellbeing International Conference, 19 - 21 June 2017, Bristol, UK.

Chaffey, N (2017) Plant cuttings: January - November [10 entries]. Annals of Botany. ISSN 0305-7364

Clabburn, O and Kirby, J (2017) ALS: a video legacy.

Clark, S (2017) Ice road. Jacobs Wells Baths, Bristol, UK, 2 October - 19 November 2017.

Coast, D (2017) ''Reformation’ or ‘ruin’? The impeachment of the duke of Buckingham and early Stuart politics.' Historical Research, 90 (250). pp. 704-725. ISSN 1468-2281 Please click the title to check availability.

Cologne-Brookes, G (2017) 'Joyce Carol Oates ou quelque chose d’approchant [Joyce Carol Oates: something like this].' In: Tromble, T and Marquette, C, eds. Joyce Carol Oates. Éditions de L'Herne, Paris, pp. 88-97. ISBN 9782851971890

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Cresswell, M and Brock, T (2017) 'Social movements, historical absence, and the problematisation of self-harm in the UK, 1980-2000.' Journal of Critical Realism, 16 (1). pp. 7-25. ISSN 1476-7430

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Curry, J (2017) Confrontation Analysis: the new method on the gaming/analysis block. In: Connections 2017: Advancing Wargaming and Analysis as Distinct yet Complementary Tools, 1 - 4 August 2017, Quantico, VA, USA. (Unpublished)

Curry, J (2017) Dominating the information narrative in times of international crisis: a practical games workshop. In: Journal of Media Practice and MeCCSA Practice Network Symposium, 8 June 2017, Bath Spa University, Bath, UK.

Curry, J (2017) An overview of current developments in simulations from Europe: random tales from across the great pond. In: Connections 2017: Advancing Wargaming and Analysis as Distinct yet Complementary Tools, 1 - 4 August 2017, Quantico, VA, USA.

Curry, J and Drage, N (2017) 'IoT: the internal and external threat.' ITNOW, 59 (1). pp. 30-31. ISSN 1746-5702


Deegalle, M (2017) ''Beloved to the beholder': Venerable Piyadassi's achievements as Dhammaduta.' In: Aturupana, S, ed. Felicitating Venerable Piyadassi (Kingsbury Nayaka Hamuduruvo). World Buddhist Foundation, London, pp. 82-91. ISBN 9780951895726

Deegalle, M (2017) 'Creating space for the non-Buddhist in Sri Lanka: a Buddhist perspective on the other.' Journal of Ecumenical Studies, 52 (1). pp. 158-168. ISSN 0022-0558

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Deegalle, M (2017) ''Position statements: Theravada Buddhism' (pp 17-31) & 'First responses' (pp 83-87) & 'Second responses' (pp 116-124).' In: Oppy, G and Trakakis, N.N, eds. Interreligious philosophical dialogues: volume 3. Routledge, Abingdon. ISBN 9781138237216 Please click the title to check availability.

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Degen, M, Lewis, C, Swenson, A and Ward, I (2017) The changing feel of Smithfield: exploring sensory identities and temporal flows. Brunel University, London. ISBN 9781908549341 Please click the title to check availability.

Degen, M, Swenson, A and Barz, M (2017) Sensory Cities THiNK-KiT [website].

Demetriou, P.A (2017) 'Crossing contested borders: Quid Pro Quo (2011) – a performance act embodying the conceptual and material significance of women’s experience of the divide.' Platform: Journal of Theatre and Performing Arts, 10 (2). pp. 51-73. ISSN 1751- 0171 Please click the title to check availability.

Demetriou, P.A (2017) 'Remembering performance through the practice of oral history.' In: Sant, T, ed. Documenting performance: the context and processes of digital curation and archiving. Bloomsbury, London, pp. 83-92. ISBN 9781472588203

Demetriou, P.A, Pappas, O and Kampylis, S (2017) 'Love Letters: Wearing Stories Told - a performance-technology provocation for interactive storytelling.' Body, Space & Technology Journal, 16. ISSN 1470-9120 Please click the title to check availability.

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English, L (2017) 'And the word was made flesh.' Mslexia (74). pp. 36-37. ISSN 1473-9399 Please click the title to check availability.

English, L (2017) The book of hours [website].


Farrar, R (2017) Strong.

Farrar, R (2017) The secret ingredient for sustainable growth in public engagement. In: Engage 2017, 6 - 7 December 2017, Arnolfini, Bristol, UK.

Farrar, R (2017) The sound of snow.

Farrar, R, Heywood, B and Telling, L (2017) Utilising technology to unlock the past. In: The Asian Conference on Arts and Humanities, 30 March - 2 April 2017, Art Center, Kobe, Japan.

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Filer, N, Vitale, A and Hamblyn, R (2017) Nathan Filer and Agata Vitale. In: Writing Well and Writing to Get Well, 19 May 2017, Birkbeck School of Arts, London, UK.

Filer, N and Weston, P (2017) Archive on 4 - The Mind in the Media.

Fitzpatrick, K (2017) The call to adventure: a quest for the literary grail. PhD thesis, Bath Spa University.

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Forna, A (2017) The afterlife of a memoir. NYR Daily - New York Review of Books, Nov. (13th). ISSN 0028-7504 Please click the title to check availability.

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