Engaging children: research issues around participation and environmental learning

Barratt, R and Barratt-Hacking, E and Scott, W.A.H (2007) 'Engaging children: research issues around participation and environmental learning.' Environmental Education Research, 13 (4). pp. 529-544. ISSN 14695871

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This review article in the special issue of the journal edited by the authors is set within the field of environmental learning and participation. Its theoretical perspective is provided through an exploration of the contested concept of childhood and the way in which childhood environment research is developing in both substance and methodology. It is an original contribution in its synthesis of issues arising which reveal barriers to children's environmental learning and barriers to children's engagement as 'environmental stakeholders'. It is significant in that this is the first special issue of the journal devoted to the theme of children's participation. Its rigour lies in the depth of its analysis of the literature in the field. It was reviewed by international referees. I took the lead in the original thinking to frame this article. I contributed to the drafting of the text.

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