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Cockayne, A, ed. (2010) Provenance: exhibition and symposium. Wunderkammer Press, Bath. ISBN 9780956646200

Dalwood, D (2010) Dexter Dalwood: Monograph. JRP Ringier, Zurich. ISBN 9783037641262

Book Chapter or Section

Ashton, D (2010) 'Archives and prefigurative practices: digital games walkthrough archives as record and resource.' In: Bose, N and Grieveson, L, eds. Using moving image archives. Scope e-Book, pp. 101-114. ISBN 9780956464118

Ashton, D and Thebo, M (2010) 'Researching the media and cultural industries.' In: Stanbury, D, ed. New directions in career studies: English and Media degrees. University of Reading: Centre for Career Management Studies, Reading, pp. 3-4.

Brown, A.R (2010) 'The importance of being 'metal': the metal music tabloid and youth identity construction.' In: Scott, N and Von Helden, I, eds. The metal void: first gatherings. Inter-Disciplinary Press, Oxford, pp. 105-134. ISBN 9781904710875

Dutton, S (2010) 'The mind's eye in the severed head of the works of M.K. Ho.' In: Landscapes in the brain. Ho Huang-Ching. ISBN 9789574171620

Newbutt, N (2010) 'A brief review: assistive technology and autism, a proposal for virtual tools for improved communication and emotional recognition.' In: Proceedings of Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference 2010. Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), Chesapeake, pp. 1998-2003. ISBN 9781880094785

Tooby, M (2010) 'Rachel Nicholson: critical view.' In: Wilkinson, A, ed. Rachel Nicholson. Sansom & Company, Bristol. ISBN 9781906593469


Ashton, D (2010) 'Player, student, designer: games design students and changing relationships with games.' Games and Culture, 5 (3). pp. 256-277. ISSN 1555-4120

Ashton, D (2010) 'Productive passions and everyday pedagogies: exploring the industry-ready agenda in higher education’.' Art, Design and Communication in Higher Education, 9 (1). pp. 41-56. ISSN 1474-273X

Dahn, J (2010) 'Elaine Wilson: 'Spoiled' at the Hatton Gallery, Newcastle.' Ceramic Review, 243 (May). p. 28. ISSN 0144-1825

Dahn, J (2010) 'Ideas and Visions.' Ceramic Review, 243. May-Jun. ISSN 0144-1825

Dutton, S (2010) 'The Biennial's radical heart.' AN Magazine, Dec.

Jenkins, C (2010) 'New doctor, new man.' Specs: Journal of Arts and Culture, 3. pp. 242-244.

Taylor, A (2010) 'Pre-Text: the importance of creative scholarship.' Craft Arts International, 79. pp. 61-67. ISSN 1038-846X

Conference or Workshop Item

Ashton, D (2010) Digital gaming and the documentary form: agency, engagement and designed experiences. In: Documentary Now, 15-16 January 2010, Birkbeck College, UK.

Ashton, D (2010) Freelancing, moonlighting, networking, volunteering: cultural workers-in-the-making. In: The Future of Cultural Work, 7 June 2010, Open University, Milton Keynes.

Ashton, D (2010) From the bedroom to beyond: identifying (with) industry tools and technologies. In: Affective Fabrics of Digital Culture: Feelings, Technologies, Politics, 3-4 June 2010, University of Manchester, UK.

Ashton, D (2010) Mediating industry and employability: images and accounts from a hybrid space. In: Employability in the Curriculum: Beyond the Bolt-on?, 22-23 June 2010, University of Central Lancashire’s Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETH), UCLAN, Preston.

Ashton, D (2010) Positioning participatory production. In: DCRD Symposium: Access All Areas, 21 May 2010, University of the West of England, UK.

Ashton, D (2010) Researching creative media work: Media Studies in/and the creative economy. In: Higher Education and the Creative Economy, 22-23 March 2010, University of Southampton, UK.

Ashton, D (2010) 'This is not how cancer looks': public understandings of celebrity and risk in the news. In: Celebrity News, 15-17 September 2010, University of Geneva, Switzerland.

Ashton, D (2010) 'You just end up feeling more professional': media production and industry-ready personhood. In: MeCCSA, 6-8 January 2010, LSE, London.

Ashton, D and Jeune, N (2010) Cultural work and creative agency: contexts and practical means. In: The Creativity and Work Conference, 12 November 2010, London.

Ashton, D and Jeune, N (2010) From campus to creative quarter. In: Knowledge Spaces, 29 March 2010, University of Warwick, UK.

Brown, A.R (2010) Raunchy, Girly, Rock Bitch and Lavender: mapping female reader repertoires within tabloid metal magazine culture. In: BSA Youth 2010: Identities, Transitions, Cultures, 6 - 8 July 2010, University of Surrey, UK.

Dahn, J (2010) Simon Carroll and the Slipware Tradition. In: Ceramics Now, Burton Museum and Art Gallery, Bideford, UK.

Dutton, S (2010) Clueless: contradictions, malapropisms and tensions within a contemporary art practice. In: 1st Annual International Conference on Fine and Performing Arts, 7 - 10 June 2010, Titania Hotel, Athens, Greece.

Feasey, R (2010) Examining the importance of no-sex sex in Pushing Daisies. In: Gender and Difference Conference, 20-23 May 2010, Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK.

Feasey, R (2010) Reconsidering soap opera: (post) feminism, femininity and the woman's role. In: What happened next? Feminist Television Studies in post-feminist times: researching the relationship between women, feminism, the feminine and British television, 16 September 2010, University of Sunderland, Sunderland, UK.

Feasey, R and Ashton, D (2010) 'Not just documented but sold': Jade and death on the TV, radio, magazines, news, and the web. In: Death and the Media : Joint BSA Death, Dying and Bereavement Study Group and BSA Media Study Group Event, 15 November 2010, British Sociological Association, London, UK.

Jeune, N (2010) Producing creativities? Mediating the university/work divide. In: Mashing Up: Practice+Research, May 2010, University of West of Scotland and Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow, UK.

Jeune, N and Ashton, D (2010) Artswork Media: a work-related learning environment. In: The Creativity and Work Conference, 12 Nov 2010, London.

Medjesi-Jones, A (2010) Image as a shock to thought. In: Connect, continue, create: 3rd international Deleuze studies conference, 12 - 14 July 2010, Amsterdam.

Medjesi-Jones, A (2010) Image as thought: gesture movement chaos. In: Space, time and the image, 14 May 2010, APT Gallery, London.

Commissioned Report


Christie, C (2010) Fleet: Art in the Haven Port.

Kovats, T (2010) Rivers.


Allen, D (2010) Spor Los. Bojcaada Island, Turkey.

Christie, C (2010) 40 Years On [group exhibition]. Flowers Gallery, London, March 2010.

Christie, C (2010) East End Promises [group exhibition]. Londonewcastle Project Space, London, 9 - 27 October 2010.

Christie, C (2010) House of Fairy Tales [group exhibition]. Millennium, St Ives, 5 - 28 March 2010.

Christie, C (2010) How Plato became Pluto. Koraalberg Gallery, Antwerp, 12 March - 24 April 2010.

Christie, C (2010) One Shot! Football and Contemporary Art [group exhibition]. B.P.S. 22 Charleroi, Belgium, 6 March - 11 July 2010.

Christie, C (2010) Rhizomatic [group exhibition]. Departure Gallery, London, 1 October - 12 November 2010.

Christie, C (2010) Stand Up 10 [group exhibition]. Cul de Sac, London, 7 - 21 March 2010.

Christie, C (2010) What a Relief [group exhibition]. Flowers Gallery, London, 2010.

Dalwood, D (2010) Dexter Dalwood. FRAC Champagne-Ardenne, Reims, France, 11 June - 15 August 2010.

Dalwood, D (2010) Dexter Dalwood: a solo exhibition accompanied by works from the Tate Collection. Tate, St Ives, UK, 23 January - 3 May 2010. ISBN 9781854379177

Dalwood, D (2010) Turner Prize 2010. Tate Britain, London, UK, 5 October 2010 - 3 January 2011.

Dunseath, J (2010) Point of Address [group exhibition]. Outpost.

Dutton, S and Swindells, S (2010) Death to the fascist insect (2009). In: Surface Depth, H Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand, 2 - 30 September 2010.

Kidd, N (2010) Inflate (detail). In: (detail), Transion Gallery, London, 20 September-12 October 2014.

Kovats, T (2010) Two hundred and eighty two [2009]. In: On the Edge of the World, John Hope Gateway Gallery, Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh, UK, 15 May - 18 July 2010. ISBN 9780863556371

Taylor, A (2010) Jerwood Drawing Prize 2010. Jerwood Space, London (then touring), 29 September 2010 - 12 June 2011. ISBN 9780956357014

Turk, G (2010) En face. In: Distortion, part of the 53rd Venice Biennale, Gervasuti Foundation, Venice, Italy, 7 June - 22 November 2009. ISBN 9788496159891

Turk, G (2010) Les bikes du bois rond. In: Fleet: Art in the Haven Ports, Suffolk, UK, July 2010.

Turk, G (2010) Something Like This. Park Ryu Sook Gallery, Seoul, 18 November - 12 December 2010.

Tweed, C (2010) Notes I, II and III. Spike Island, Bristol, UK, 9 October - 5 September 2010.

Wilson, C (2010) Interior Life [group exhibition]. Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury, UK, 2 - 27 November 2010.

Wilson, C (2010) Super Natural [group exhibition]. Charlie Dutton Gallery, London, UK, 3 - 20 November 2010.

Wood, J and Harrison, P (2010) Answers to Questions. UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA, USA, 17 February – 16 May 2010. ISBN 9781933619316

Wood, J and Harrison, P (2010) Deadpan: The Videos of John Wood and Paul Harrison. Pacific Design Center, West Hollywood, CA, 18 November 2010 - 12 January 2011.

Wood, J and Harrison, P (2010) No Beginning - No Middle - No End. Kunstmuseum Thun, Thun, Switzerland, 25 September - 28 November 2010.

Wood, J and Harrison, P (2010) Selected Works. Gallerie Ho, Marseille, France, 8 September - 16 November 2010.


Atkinson, N, Hoare, P and Cockayne, A (2010) Dominion.


Fearns, R (2010) Illuminate Bath: light projections. In: Illuminate Bath, Bath, UK, 25-28 January 2012.

Harrison, K (2010) Blue Monday/white Label. Bergen Kunsthall, 19 October 2010.

Jeune, N (2010) From Page to Screen. Bridport Arts Centre/Electric Palace, Bridport, UK, 3-9 April 2010.

Jeune, N (2010) From Time to Time feature film premiere presenter and Chair. Electric Palace, Bridport, UK, 24 September 2010.


Brown, R (2010) Silent Things.

Purves, P (2010) Flash fiction.


Taylor, A (2010) 6. Materials for Drawing.

Taylor, A, Gooding, M and Courtney, C (2010) Connecting lines: artists talk about drawing.


Tooby, M (2010) Edmund de Waal: the hare with amber eyes [book review]. Interpreting Ceramics (12). ISSN 1471-146X

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