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Brown, A.R and Fellezs, K, eds. (2012) Heavy metal generations: (re)generating the politics of age, race, and identity in metal music culture. Inter-Disciplinary Press, Oxford. ISBN 9781848881471

Smith, A and Hughes, W, eds. (2012) The Victorian Gothic: an Edinburgh companion. Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh. ISBN 9780748642496

Hughes, W, Punter, D and Smith, A, eds. (2012) The encyclopedia of the Gothic. Blackwell, Oxford. ISBN 9781405182904

Moss, S, ed. (2012) The hedgerows heaped with May: the Telegraph book of the countryside. Aurum, London. ISBN 9781845138431

Alderman, N (2012) The liars' gospel. Viking, London. ISBN 9780670919901

Almond, D (2012) The boy who swam with piranhas. Walker Books, London. ISBN 9781406320763

Caldecott, E (2012) The mystery of Wickworth Manor. Bloomsbury, London. ISBN 9781408820490

Glaser, E (2012) Get real: how to see through the hype, spin and lies of modern life. Fourth Estate, London. ISBN 9780007416820

Green, J (2012) Bringing the summer. Bloomsbury, London. ISBN 9781408819586

Green, J (2012) Tilly's moonlight fox. Oxford University Press, Oxford. ISBN 9780192757913

Hadley, T (2012) Married love and other stories. Jonathan Cape, London. ISBN 9780224096423

Harvey, S (2012) All is song. Jonathan Cape, London. ISBN 9780224096324

Hensher, P (2012) Scenes from early life. Fourth Estate, London. ISBN 9780007433704

Hensher, P (2012) The missing ink: the lost art of handwriting and why it still matters. Macmillan, London. ISBN 9780230767126

Hughes, W (2012) Historical dictionary of Gothic literature. Scarecrow Press, Lanham Md. ISBN 9780810872288

Moss, S (2012) BBC Springwatch: British wildlife. Collins, London. ISBN 9780007462865

Moss, S (2012) Wild hares and hummingbirds: the natural history of an English village. Vintage, London. ISBN 9780099552468

Newsinger, J (2012) Fighting back: the American working class in the 1930s. Bookmarks, London. ISBN 9781905192939

Sullivan, S (2012) Financialisation, biodiversity conservation and equity: some currents and concerns. Third World Network, Penang, Malaysia. ISBN 9789675412691

Voake, S (2012) Daisy Dawson on the farm. Walker Books. ISBN 9781406327489

Voake, S (2012) Hooey Higgins and the big day out. Walker Books. ISBN 9781406334296

Voake, S (2012) Hooey Higgins goes for gold. Walker Books. ISBN 9781406322415

Weldon, F (2012) Habits of the house. Head of Zeus, London. ISBN 9781908800046

White, P, Davies, D.W and Dafydd, S.M (2012) Ancestral houses: the lost mansions of Wales = Tai mawr a mieri: plastai coll Cymru. Gomer Press, Llandysul. ISBN 9781848513891

Wilson, A (2012) The dotty dalmatian. Macmillan Children's Books, London. ISBN 9780330545280

Wilson, A (2012) The poodle problem. Macmillan Children's Books, London. ISBN 9780330545273

Woodward, G (2012) The seacunny. Picador, London. ISBN 9781447217428

Book Chapter or Section

Chalus, E (2012) 'Fanning the flames: women, fashion and politics.' In: Potter, T, ed. Women, popular culture and the eighteenth century. University of Toronto Press, Toronto. ISBN 9781442641815

Dafydd, S.M (2012) 'Sex in another city.' In: Tillotson, S and Thomas, P, eds. All shall be well: 25 at 25: a quarter of a century's great writing from the women of Wales. Honno, Dinas Powys. ISBN 9781906784461

Dafydd, S.M (2012) 'The moss between us.' In: Srdić, S, ed. Peta strana sveta: priča. Kikinda Short, Kikinda.

Deegalle, M (2012) 'Contested religious conversions of Buddhists in Sri Lanka and India.' In: Shravak, L and Willemen, C, eds. Dharmapravicaya : aspects of Buddhist studies: essays in honour of N.H. Samtani. Buddhist World Press, New Delhi. ISBN 9789380852218

Deegalle, M (2012) 'Jataka narratives in Buddhist preaching and their contested popular imagination in Sri Lanka.' In: Skilling, P and McDaniel, J, eds. Buddhist narratives in Asia and beyond. Institute of Thai Studies, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, pp. 127-146.

Deegalle, M (2012) 'Multi-faceted Theravada Buddhism in the United Kingdom.' In: Shukla, H and Shravak, L, eds. Buddhism, Buddhists and Buddhist studies. Buddhist World, New Delhi. ISBN 9789380852164

Deegalle, M (2012) 'Sinhala ethno-nationalisms and militarization in Sri Lanka.' In: Tikhonov, V and Brekke, T, eds. Buddhism and violence: militarism and Buddhism in modern Asia. Routledge, London. ISBN 9780415536967

Forna, A (2012) 'Haywards Heath.' In: Habila, H, ed. The Granta book of the African short story. Granta, London. ISBN 9781847083333

Gifford, T (2012) '”Nuestro cuerpo adaptándose a este mundo”: poetas alpinistas de la Universidad de Cambridge.' In: Oliva, J.I, ed. Realidad y simbologίa de la montaña. Universidad de Alcalá, Alcalá de Henares, Spain, pp. 79-89. ISBN 9788415595908

Gifford, T (2012) 'Pastoral, antipastoral, and postpastoral as reading strategies.' In: Slovic, S, ed. Critical insights: nature & the environment. Salem Press, Ipswich, pp. 42-61. ISBN 9781429837385

Hackett, S (2012) 'Integration in kommunalen raum: Bremen und Newcastle im Vergleich.' In: Oltmer, J, Kreienbrink, A and Sanz Díaz, C, eds. Das "Gastarbeiter"-System: Arbeitsmigration und ihre Folgen in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland und Westeuropa. Oldenbourg, Munich, pp. 247-259. ISBN 9783486709469

Hackett, S (2012) 'A learning curve: the education of immigrants in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Bremen from the 1960s to the 1980s.' In: Bekerman, Z and Geisen, T, eds. International handbook of migration, minorities and education: understanding cultural and social differences in processes of learning. Springer, Dordrecht, pp. 349-364. ISBN 9789400714663

Hannis, M (2012) 'Nature, consumption and human flourishing.' In: Weintrobe, S, ed. Engaging with climate change: psychoanalytic and interdisciplinary perspectives. Routledge, Abingdon, Oxon. ISBN 9780415667623

Hughes, W (2012) '‘Blackwood, Algernon’; Blood’; ‘Criticism’; ‘Hypnotism’; Kipling, Rudyard’; ‘Lovecraft, H. P.’; ‘Medicine and the Gothic’; Stoker, Bram’; and ‘Village Gothic’.' In: Hughes, W, Punter, D and Smith, A, eds. The encyclopedia of the Gothic. Blackwell, Oxford. ISBN 9781405182904

Hughes, W (2012) 'Fictional vampires in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.' In: Punter, D, ed. A new companion to the Gothic. Blackwell, Oxford, pp. 197-210. ISBN 9781405198066

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Jose, N (2012) 'Contemporary approaches to literature.' In: Window and bridge III. Writers' Publishing House, Beijing, pp. 161-165.

Jose, N (2012) 'On the way.' In: Jose, N and Morrell, T, eds. Stewart MacFarlane: Paintings. Wei-Ling Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, pp. 13-26. ISBN 9789670147185

Kerridge, R (2012) 'Contemporary Ecocriticism between Red and Green.' In: Rignall, J, Klaus, H and Cunningham, V, eds. Ecology and the Literature of the British Left: The red and the green. Ashgate, Farnham. ISBN 9781409418221

Kerridge, R (2012) 'Ecocriticism and the Mission of 'English'.' In: Garrard, G, ed. Teaching Ecocriticism and Green Cultural Studies. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke. ISBN 9780230235038

Malik, I.H (2012) 'Political Islam in South Asia.' In: South Asia 2013. 10th ed. Routledge, London. ISBN 9781857436563

Marshall, A (2012) 'Pax quaeritur bello The Cromwellian Military Legacy.' In: Mills, J, ed. Cromwell's Legacy. Manchester University Press, Manchester. ISBN 9780719080890

May, S (2012) 'Undergraduate creative writing provision in the UK: origins, trends and student views.' In: Beck, H, ed. Teaching creative writing. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, pp. 65-72. ISBN 9780230240070

Morrison, R (2012) 'John Galt’s angular magazinity.' In: Hewitt, R, ed. John Galt: observations and conjectures on literature, history, and society. Bucknell University Press, Lewisburg, PA, pp. 257-280. ISBN 9781611484342

Neale, J (2012) 'People change: American soldiers and marines in Vietnam.' In: Gonzalez, M and Barekat, H, eds. Arms and the people: popular movements and the military from the Paris Commune to the Arab Spring. Pluto Press, London. ISBN 9780745332895

Pullinger, K (2012) 'A serious arteriopath.' In: Van Luven, L and Page, K, eds. In the flesh: twenty writers explore the body. Brindle & Glass. ISBN 9781926972091

Rigby, K (2012) ''Das Erdbeben in Chili' and the romantic reframing of natural disaster.' In: Lü, Y, Stephens, A, Lewis, A and Voßkamp, W, eds. Wissensfiguren im Werk Heinrich von Kleists. Rombach, Freiburg, pp. 137-50. ISBN 9783793096856

Rigby, K (2012) 'Utopianism, dystopianism and ecological thought.' In: Jacobsen, M.H, ed. Utopia: social theory and the future. Routledge, London, pp. 141-160. ISBN 9781409406990

Sarma, U (2012) 'Audience expectation and the expected audience.' In: Grene, N and Lonergan, P, eds. Irish drama: local and global perspectives. Carysfort Press, Dublin. ISBN 9781904505631

Sullivan, S (2012) 'Green: an activist film.' In: Blewitt, J, ed. The Media, Animal Conservation and Environmental Education. Routledge, London. ISBN 978-0-415-52208-3

Swenson, A (2012) 'Popular heritage and commodification debates in nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Britain, France and Germany.' In: Berger, S, Lorenz, C and Melman, B, eds. Popularizing national pasts: 1800 to the present. Routledge, Abingdon, pp. 102-124. ISBN 9780415894357

Thebo, M (2012) 'Hey Babe, Take a Walk on the Wild Side: creative writing in universities.' In: Donnelly, D and Harper, G, eds. Key Issues in Creative Writing. Multilingual Matters, Bristol. ISBN 9781847698476

Williamson, C (2012) 'The Church of England and the Falklands War.' In: Parker, S and Lawson, T, eds. God and war: the Church of England and armed conflict in the twentieth century. Ashgate, Burlington, VT, pp. 165-186. ISBN 9780754666929

Wright, E.H (2012) 'Woolf and theatre.' In: Randall, B and Goldman, J, eds. Virginia Woolf in context. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. ISBN 9781107003613


Barraclough, E.R (2012) 'Naming the landscape in the 'Landnám' narratives of the 'Íslendingasögur' and 'Landnámabók'.' Saga-Book, 36. pp. 79-101. ISSN 0305-9219

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Garrard, G (2012) 'Nature Cures? or How to Police Analogies of Personal and Ecological Health.' Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment, 19 (3). pp. 494-514. ISSN 1076-0962

Garrard, G (2012) 'Worlds without us: some types of disanthropy.' SubStance, 41 (1). pp. 40-60. ISSN 0049-2426

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Walton, S (2012) 'Detection in a complex age: collective control in CSI: New York.' Concentric: Literary and Cultural Studies, 38 (1). pp. 103-123. ISSN 1729-8792

Conference or Workshop Item

Anderson, R (2012) John Foxe's 'poore, seeley women'. In: Downside Abbey.

Cologne-Brookes, G (2012) Some American writers (since 1950). In: Some American Writers (since 1950), September 18 2012, Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution.

Cologne-Brookes, G (2012) The ghost of Tom Joad: Steinbeck, Guthrie and Springstee. In: Steinbeck Festival, 3 - 6 May 2012, National Steinbeck Center, Salinas California.

Cush, D (2012) Equality and diversity in the treatment of religions and beliefs in religious education in England. In: Religion and (In)Equalities BSA Sociology of Religion Study Group Annual Conference, 28 - 30 March 2012, University of Chester, UK.

Cush, D (2012) What have we learned from forty years of non-confessional, multifaith RE in the UK? In: Lincolnshire SACRE Conference - Opening the Door: Raising Awareness of Faith and Cultures, 12 March 2012, Lincoln, UK.

Gregg, S.H (2012) Literature and landscape in British fiction. In: Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, February 2012, Bath, UK.

Grieves, K (2012) William Meyler’s circulating library and print culture in late eighteenth century Bath. In: Writing the West, 11-12 May 2012, M-Shed, Bristol, UK.

Hackett, S (2012) Crossing the threshold: identity, integration and multiculturalism in British and German Muslim ethnic minority neighbourhoods. In: Seminar Series Michaelmas 2012: Migration Journeys, 7 June 2012, Seminar Room, Pauling Centre, 58a Banbury Road, Oxford.

Hems, A (2012) 'Looking out into England': a heritage perspective. In: Other Voices, Other Times, 29 June 2012, Bath Spa University, Bath, UK.

Hughes, W (2012) “Rumours of the great plague”: medicine, mythology and the memory of the Sligo cholera in Stoker’s 'Under the sunset'. In: Bram Stoker Centenary Conference: Bram Stoker - Life and Writing, 5 - 6 July 2012, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland.

Hughes, W (2012) A quiet act of plagiarism: Bram Stoker, Wallis Budge and 'The jewel of seven stars'. In: Open Graves, Open Minds: Bram Stoker Centenary Symposium, 20 April - 21 April 2012, Keats House, Hampstead, London.

Hughes, W (2012) The romantic hero. In: European Romanticism: the Arts in Europe 1780-1840, 20 - 21 October 2012, Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, Bath, UK.

Hughes, W (2012) The un-death of the author: the fictional afterlife of Bram Stoker. In: Bram Stoker Birthday Symposium, 8 November 2012, University of Hull, Hull.

Ivic, C (2012) "If I were to do it again, I would not do it": John Thornborough, the Jacobean Union, and doing it again. In: Society for Renaissance Studies International Conference 2012, 9-11 July 2012, University of Manchester.

Malik, I.H (2012) Islam in South Asia. In: 37th Spalding Symposium on Indian Religions, 23-25 March 2012, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK.

Malik, I.H (2012) Islam in the context of Indian religions. In: 37th Spalding Symposium on Indian Religions, 23-25 March 2012, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK.

Marcinkowski, M, Zhang, B and Choi, Y (2012) The impact of navigability on flow-like experiences and user enjoyment of online art exhibitions. In: The Pennsylvania State University 2012 Graduate Research Exhibition, 25 March 2012, Pennsylvania State University, PA, USA.

Marshall, A (2012) "Memorials for Mrs Affora": Aphra Behn and the Restoration intelligence system. In: Aphra Behn in her Seventeenth-Century Contexts, 12 April - 14 April 2012, Loughborough University.

May, S (2012) Creativity in crisis: what is the future for creative writing programmes in higher education? In: Association of Writers and Writing Programs Annual Conference, 29 February - 3 March 2012, Chicago ILL, USA.

Pullinger, K (2012) Having my cake. In: Books in Browsers, October 2012, San Fransisco, CA, USA.

Pullinger, K (2012) Landscape and memory in "The Mistress of Nothing" and "A Little Stranger". In: Association of Canadian Studies in Ireland 16th Biennial Conference - Canada: Landscapes and Landmarks, 10 May - 12 May 2012, University College Dublin, Ireland.

Pullinger, K (2012) Spreadable media: writing in a disintermediated age. In: MIX DIGITAL 2013: Text on Screens; Making/Discovering/Teaching, 15 July - 17 July 2012, Corsham Court, Bath Spa University, Wiltshire, England.

Reeve, K (2012) Digital Narratives: from idea to publication. In: MIX. Merging Intermedia Conference, 16-18 July 2012, Bath Spa University, Bath, UK.

Reeve, K (2012) The Future Editorial Product for the publishing industry's international annual digital conference. In: FutureBook Conference, 3 December 2012, London, UK.

Reeve, K (2012) Jane Austen Goes digital: new fictions, new technologies. In: First Fictions, 21 January 2012, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK.

Reeve, K (2012) The Social Media Experiment: plenary session. In: Higher Education Entrepreneurship Group (HEEG): Social Media and Enterprise Education, 26 October 2012, University of Surrey, Guildford, UK.

Reeve, K (2012) Teaching digital. In: Bath Digital Festival, 15-25 March 2012, Bath, UK.

Reid-Bowen, P (2012) Contesting capitalist sorcery: "peak everything" as apocalyptic prophecy. In: Don't Panic!: The Apocalypse in Theory and Culture (Skepsi‘s fifth annual conference), 25 -26 May 2012, University of Kent.

Reid-Bowen, P (2012) Ecological philosophy and transitioning to a post-peak (post-)humanities. In: Nature and the Natural in the Humanities: Teaching for Environmental Sustainability, 27th April, University of Birmingham.

Reid-Bowen, P (2012) The size of God revisited: object-oriented ontology and the aporias of pantheism. In: Thinking the Absolute: Speculation, Philosophy and the End of Religion, 29th June-1st July 2012, Liverpool Hope University.

Rigby, K (2012) Championing the Earth in the humanities. In: Public Lecture Series, 2 July 2012, The Lyceum Club, Melbourne.

Rigby, K (2012) Creation and catastrophe: an ecotheological challenge to the concept of 'natural disaster'. In: Creation and Catastrophe, 11 August 2012, St. Peter’s Eastern Hill, Melbourne, Australia.

Rigby, K (2012) Spreading pestilence in Mary Shelley’s 'The last man'. In: Catastrophes: The 2012 International Conference on Romanticism, 8 - 11 November 2012, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, USA.

Rigby, K (2012) Unnatural disasters: rereading extreme weather events from 'Jeremiah' to 'Carpentaria'. In: The Cultural History of Climate Change, 27 - 28 August 2012, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia.

Sullivan, S (2012) After the green rush? Some distributive implications of new value grabbing in conservation banking markets. In: American Association of Geographers International Conference, 24 - 28 February 2012, New York, USA.

Sullivan, S (2012) Financialisation, biodiversity conservation and equity: some currents and concerns. In: 4th Critical Finance Conference, 15 - 17 August 2012, Essex University, UK.

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Sullivan, S (2012) Resistance to environmental interventions. In: NSU Conference 2012: Development for a Finite Planet: Grassroots Perspectives and Responses to Climate Change, Resource Extraction and Economic Development, 26 - 27 November 2012, CIENS, Oslo, Norway.

Thebo, M, Vanderslice, S, McNair, P.A, English, L and Etter, C (2012) Project and event work for undergraduate creative writing student development. In: AWP Conference and Bookfair, 29 February - 3 March 2012, Chicago, IL, USA.

Walton, S (2012) The Scottish landscape and crime in non-canonical texts by 20th century female crime writers, Gladys Mitchell and Josephine Tey. In: Crime Scotland - then and now (Scottish studies in Europe conference), 31 May- 3 June 2012, Georg-August University, Göttingen, Germany.


Commissioned Report

Sullivan, S and Hannis, M (2012) Offsetting nature? Habitat banking and biodiversity offsets in the English land use planning system. Green House. ISBN 9780956954572


Bryant, J and May, S (2012) Higher 7: clearing. In: Afternoon Drama, BBC Radio 4, 30 July 2012.

Bryant, J and May, S (2012) Higher 8: privatisation, the final battle. In: Afternooon Drama, BBC Radio 4, 6 August 2012.

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