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Lee, A and Irwin, R (2018) Psychopathology: a social neuropsychological perspective. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. ISBN 9780521279024

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Book Chapter or Section

Pathak, D, Yang, H, Chen, T-K, Fishenden, J and Lee, A (2016) 'Measuring brain signals to evaluate the role of creativity in interceptive human movement.' In: Guerrero, J.E, ed. IEEE SOSE 2016: 10th International IEEE Symposium on Service-Oriented Engineering. IEEE Computer Society, Los Alamitos, pp. 260-269. ISBN 9781509022533 Please click the title to check availability.


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Conference or Workshop Item

McMahon, K, Howarth, L, McKay, D, Lee, A, Asprey, E, Arblaster, E and Barber, K (2021) The learning sciences in Initial Teacher Education - responding to the Core Content Framework. In: Teacher Education Advancement Network (TEAN) Conference, 6 - 7 May 2021, University of Cumbria, UK [online].

McMahon, K, McKay, D, Howarth, L, Barber, K, Humphreys, K, Lee, A, Etchells, P.J, Black, P and Yeh, C.S.-H (2020) The learning sciences in the (Primary) Initial Teacher Education curriculum. In: Universities' Council for the Education of Teachers (UCET) Annual Conference, 3 - 4 November 2020, London, UK [online].

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Weldon, F and Lee, A (2014) The novelist and the neuroscientist: Fay Weldon in conversation with Alison Lee. In: SenseAbility Festival, 10-14 June 2014, Corsham.

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Commissioned Report

McMahon, K, Lee, A and McKay, D (2021) The Learning Sciences and Primary School Science. Bath Spa University, Bath.

McMahon, K, Lee, A, Etchells, P.J, Howarth, L, Humphreys, K, McKay, D, Arblaster, E, Asprey, E, Barber, K and Salter, L (2021) The Learning Sciences and the Core Content Framework for Initial Teacher Training. Bath Spa University, Bath.

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