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Liardet, T (2024) 'Versions of the life-force 2 [the greyhound]; Lab sample 1: Espoliniq, controlled drug to suppress agitation, on entering the bloodstream.' In: Dove, R, Kent, A and McPherson, S, eds. Masculinity: an anthology of modern voices. Broken Sleep Books, Talgarreg. ISBN 9781915760876

Liardet, T (2024) The third law of motion; Amusia. Anthropocene. (Forthcoming)

Liardet, T (2023) On one hundred and ninety-six seconds of solace. Fourteen Magazine, 2 (4).

Liardet, T (2023) The etymology wars. The Spectator. 15 April.

Liardet, T (2023) Versions of the staircase [a decuplet of treads]. The Spectator. 18 March.

Liardet, T (2022) Versions of a fractious night, in SoHo or Soho. Poetry Review, 112 (3). ISSN 0032-2156

Liardet, T (2022) Garrulity my greyhound. New Welsh Review, 29. ISSN 0954-2116

Liardet, T (2022) The North Sea shoals are further inland. New Statesman. 4 March. ISSN 1364-7431

Liardet, T (2022) Notes for the hyperaroused. Poetry Wales, 57 (3). ISSN 0032-2202

Liardet, T (2021) From Petrarch redux: three poems. Bad Lilies, 5.

Liardet, T (2021) On hearing Mr Blum the funeral director. Poetry Review, 111 (3). ISSN 0032-2156

Liardet, T (2021) The haptic fugues, (a sequence of 32 tercets). Long Poem Magazine, 26.

Liardet, T (2021) The crowd's enthusiasm was unimaginable. The London Magazine. June/July. ISSN 0024-6085

Liardet, T (2021) Elegy for Jacques-of-Jacques-and-Jack. Poetry Ireland Review, 135. ISSN 0332-2998

Liardet, T (2020) Self-portrait with multiple yells; Aisling. Poetry Review, 110 (3). ISSN 0032-2156

Liardet, T (2020) Prayer to mother serotonin. The London Magazine. June/July. ISSN 0024-6085

Liardet, T (2019) An imposter syndrome bot replies to Jehovah; A future bot’s Lacrimosa. Poetry Review, 109 (3). ISSN 0032-2156

Liardet, T (2019) On hearing of a 98.2% chance of heavy precipitation a bot considers the question of negative probability. The North American Review, Spring. ISSN 0029-2397

Liardet, T (2019) A robot invents the Orphic puddle. New Statesman. ISSN 1364-7431

Liardet, T (2018) Arcimboldo’s bulldog: new and selected poems. Carcanet, Manchester. ISBN 9781784105709

Liardet, T (2018) Address to the Bethlehem Female Seminary, Germantown, Pennsylvania, 1742. New Statesman, 12 Jan. ISSN 1364-7431 Please click the title to check availability.

Liardet, T (2018) Empath to the punctured Kevlar helmet; Ugly world to empath. London Review of Books, 40 (9). ISSN 0260-9592 Please click the title to check availability.

Liardet, T (2017) To the mother as event horizon; To the mother at the electric. Poetry Review, 107 (3). pp. 64-65. ISSN 0032-2156 Please click the title to check availability.

Liardet, T (2017) To the mother at this angle; The vanishment; For the vanishing twin. The Spectator, 334 (9848/9). 11/38/48. ISSN 0038-6952 Please click the title to check availability.

Liardet, T (2017) To a sliver of Sicilian-American sky; A suitcase with A. Einstein written inside; The woman among the Nerudas; The apparel addresses the spirit. Poetry London, Spring (86). pp. 21-22. ISSN 1479-2591 Please click the title to check availability.

Liardet, T (2016) To the multitasking hands. Poetry Wales, 52 (2). ISSN 0032-2202

Liardet, T (2016) Address to the drowned seaman, in answer to his distress flare at Rockall, Mid-Atlantic, 1944; The drowned seaman replies. London Review of Books, 38 (19). p. 35. ISSN 0260-9592 Please click the title to check availability.

Liardet, T (2016) The flint-rasp. Agenda, 49 (3-4).

Liardet, T (2016) 'Self-portrait with aquarium octopus flashing a mirror.' In: The T.S. Eliot Prize 2015. The Poetry Book Society, London.

Liardet, T (2015) Cop convo; Subtitles only. Poetry Review, 105 (3). ISSN 0032-2156

Liardet, T (2015) The world before snow. Carcanet, Manchester. ISBN 9781847772091

Liardet, T (2015) 'Self-portrait with hiss and rattle of sleet.' In: Dear world. Three Shoes Press, Cheltenham.

Liardet, T (2015) 'Self-portrait with view of the great Chihuahuan wilderness; Self-portrait as water; Self-portrait with opium den deep interior.' In: Curator aquarum: in memoriam Regina Derieva. Ars Interpres, Stockholm. ISBN 9789198038651

Liardet, T (2014) Self-portrait with Goffstown deep black and sun-up intensity. Oxford Poetry, XV (ii).

Liardet, T (2014) 'Like slant rain; The dark age; The revenant.' In: Bailey, R.V and Hall, J, eds. The book of love and loss: poems for today. Belgrave, Bath. ISBN 9780954621520

Liardet, T (2014) 'Viginty Alley.' In: Hannah, S, ed. The poetry of sex. Penguin, London. ISBN 9780670921836

Liardet, T (2014) Fevered by legible light [book review]. PN Review, 40 (3). ISSN 0144-7076

Liardet, T (2013) Two poems - God love the art deco angel; Portrait in the Gaudi mirror. PN Review, 40 (2). ISSN 0144-7076

Liardet, T (2013) Madame Sassoo goes bathing. Shoestring Press, Nottingham. ISBN 9781907356643

Liardet, T (2013) Black silent waters; The rain-charm. Poetry Review, 103 (1). ISSN 0032-2156

Liardet, T (2011) The storm house. Carcanet, Manchester. ISBN 9781847770677

Liardet, T (2010) Priest Skear. Shoestring Press, Beeston. ISBN 9781907356094

Liardet, T (2006) The blood choir. Seren, Bridgend. ISBN 9781854114143

Liardet, T (2003) To the god of rain. Seren, Bridgend. ISBN 9781854113351

Liardet, T (2003) The uses of pepper. Smith/Doorstop, Huddersfield. ISBN 9781902382562

Liardet, T (1998) Competing with the piano tuner. Seren, Bridgend. ISBN 9781854112279

Liardet, T (1994) Fellini Beach. Seren, Bridgend. ISBN 9781854111159

Liardet, T (1988) Clay Hill. Poetry Wales poets, 12 . Poetry Wales Press, Ogmore-by-Sea. ISBN 9780907476887

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