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Reid-Maroney, N, Bell, A, Brooks, N, Otele, O and White, R (2019) 'From 'Uncle Tom’s Cabin' to “Countering Colston”: slavery and memory in a transatlantic undergraduate research project.' International Public History, 2 (1). 020190006. ISSN 2567-1111

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Otele, O (2015) Should they stay or should they go? Calais, a beacon of hope for black migrants and a useful ‘New heart of darkness’ for Brexit? In: Blackness in Britain 2015: 'The Black Special Relationship' - African American Scholarship and its Impact on Black Intellectual Life in Britain, 30 -31 October 2015, Birmingham City University, Birmingham, UK.

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Otele, O (2008) A paradigm shift of the nonconformist ethos or the practicality of dogma in Ontario, Canada. In: Abolition of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade: telling the story, 21 - 23 February 2008, The College of the Bahamas, Nassau.

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