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Smart, A, Kaye, J, Gibbons, S, Heeney, C and Parker, M (2012) Governing biobanks: understanding the interplay between law and practice. Hart, Oxford. ISBN 9781841139050

Book Chapter or Section

Smart, A, Tutton, R, Martin, P and Ellison, G (2012) '‘Race’ as a social construction in genetics.' In: Schramm, K, Skinner, D and Rottenburg, R, eds. Identity politics and the new genetics: re/creating categories of difference and belonging. Studies of the Biosocial Society (6). Berghahn, New York. ISBN 9780857452535

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Conference or Workshop Item

Smart, A (2017) Colour-coded prescribing. In: Race, Ethnicity and Medicine - Dr. Andy Smart, Dr Jon Røyne Kyllingstad and Dr Øivind Michelsen, 7 November 2017, Norsk Teknisk Museum, Oslo, Norway.

Vitale, A, Filer, N, Ryde, J and Smart, A (2017) Exploring the effectiveness of a creative writing intervention to promote refugees’ integration and wellbeing. In: VI International Congress on Migration and Mental Health, 12 October 2017, Rathaus Pankow, Berlin, Germany.

Smart, A and Weiner, K (2015) Embedding racialised differences into prescribing: the case of UK hypertension guidelines. In: ESA 2015 - 12th Conference of the European Sociological Association: Differences, Inequalities and Sociological Imagination, 25-28 August 2015, Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic.

Smart, A (2014) Is ethnicity relevant for understanding public attitudes to science? In: Situating Solidarities: Social Challenges for Science and Technology Studies, 17 - 19 September 2014, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun, Poland.

Commissioned Report

Smart, A, Martin, P, Ashcroft, R, Ellison, G and Tutton, R (2007) Reviving "racial medicine"?: the use of race/ethnicity in genetics and biomedical research, and the implications for science and healthcare. St. George's Hospital, Faculty of Health and Social Care Sciences, London. ISBN 9780954989071

Smart, A, Martin, P, Lewis, G and Webster, A (2006) False positive? The commercial and clinical development of pharmacogenetics.

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