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Binckes, F and Laing, K (2019) Hannah Lynch (1859-1904): Irish writer, cosmopolitan, New Woman. Cork University Press, Cork. (Forthcoming)

Brayfield, C (2019) Rebel writers: seven women who changed their world. Bloomsbury, London. (Forthcoming)

Brown, A.R (2019) 'From class disgust to indie art-house accolade and fan celebrity: the strange cultural journey of 'Heavy Metal Parking Lot'.' In: Bayer, G, ed. Heavy metal at the movies. Routledge, Abingdon. ISBN 9781138571594 (Forthcoming)


Chadderton, C (2019) 'Career education and guidance and race (in)equality in England.' In: Hooley, T, Sultana, R.G and Thomsen, R, eds. Career guidance for social justice, vol. 2. Routledge. (Forthcoming)

Clavin, A (2019) 'Is urban gardening a source of wellbeing and just freedom? A Capability Approach based analysis from the UK and Ireland.' In: Certoma, C, Noori, S and Sondermann, M, eds. Urban gardening and the struggle for social and spatial justice. Manchester University Press, Manchester. ISBN 9781526126092 (Forthcoming) Please click the title to check availability.

Coast, D (2019) 'Speaking for the people in early modern England, c. 1529-1640.' Past and Present. ISSN 0031-2746 (Forthcoming) Please click the title to check availability.


Filer, N (2019) The heartland: finding and losing schizophrenia. Faber & Faber, London. (Forthcoming)

Freeman, M (2019) Transmedia storytelling: rethinking genre and media convergence. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke. (Forthcoming)

Freeman, M (2019) The world of The Walking Dead. Routledge, London. (Forthcoming)


Gadd, I (2019) Jonathan Swift, English political writings, 1701-1711. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. (Forthcoming)

Gee, M (2019) Blood. Fentum Press. (Forthcoming)

Gee, M (2019) 'The visitation.' In: Miller, G, ed. Kiss and part. Hosking Trust. (Forthcoming)

Gifford, T (2019) 'Mountaineering literature as dark pastoral.' In: Borthwick, D, Marland, P and Stenning, A, eds. Walking, landscape and environment. Routledge, Abingdon. ISBN 9781138630109 (Forthcoming)

Glaser, E (2019) 'Editorial.' New Formations. ISSN 0950-2378 (Forthcoming)

Griffin, B (2019) 'Banishing ennui.' In: Dooley, T and Ridgeway, C, eds. The country house: sport and leisure. Four Courts Press, Dublin. (Forthcoming)


Hackett, S (2019) 'Learning from history: city governance of migration and diversity in Britain and Germany.' In: Scholten, P, Caponio, T and Zapata-Barrero, R, eds. Routledge handbook on the governance of migration and diversity in cities. Routledge, Abingdon. (Forthcoming)

Hackett, S (2019) Rethinking Muslim integration in Britain: a rural perspective. Manchester University Press, Manchester. (Forthcoming)

Hannis, M (2019) 'Why virtue is good for you: the politics of ecological eudaimonism.' In: Bai, H and Chang, D, eds. Ecological virtues. University of Regina Press, Regina, Canada. (Forthcoming)


Jones, O (2019) 'Children’s right to space, place and home? Some provocations prompted by depictions of childhood in film.' In: Lury, K, ed. The child in film: an anthology. Bloomsbury, London. (Forthcoming) Please click the title to check availability.

Jones, O (2019) 'Dwelling.' In: Kobayashi, A, ed. International encyclopaedia of human geography, 2nd ed. Elsevier Science, Amsterdam ; London. (Forthcoming)

Jones, O (2019) 'Pragmatism, anti-representational theory, and local methods for critical-creative ecological action.' In: Wills, J and Lake, B, eds. The power of pragmatism: knowledge production and social research. Manchester University Press, Manchester. (Forthcoming) Please click the title to check availability.

Jones, O, Gorell Barnes, L and Lyons, A (2019) 'Voicing waters: (co-)creative reflections on sound, water, conversations and hydrocitizenship.' In: Doherty, K, Duffy, M and Harada, T, eds. Sounding the world: more-than-representational accounts of sound and music. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham. (Forthcoming) Please click the title to check availability.


Law, M and Davies, P (2019) 'Land and freshwater molluscs.' In: Lopez Varela, S, ed. The SAS encyclopedia of archaeological sciences. Wiley-Blackwell. (Forthcoming)

la Velle, L and Duggan, M (2019) 'Embracing complexity: understanding the experiences of university based teacher educators.' In: Sorensen, N, ed. Diversity in teacher education: perspectives on a school-led system. Trentham Books, London. (Forthcoming)


Marshall, A (2019) '‘Secret wheeles’: clandestine information, espionage, and European intelligence.' In: Duindam, J.F.J, Ebben, M.A and Sicking, L, eds. Beyond ambassadors: missionaries, consuls and spies in pre-modern diplomacy. Brill, Netherlands. (Forthcoming) Please click the title to check availability.

Marshall, A (2019) '‘faisons meieux’: Henry Bennet, Earl of Arlington and his political tactics, 1662-1675.' In: Eagles, R and Dennehy, C, eds. Sir Henry Bennet, Earl of Arlington, and his world. Routledge, London. (Forthcoming)

McCree, M (2019) 'Future shock, generational change and shifting eco-social identities: forest school leaders’ reasons to train.' In: Cutter-Mackenzie, A, Malone, K and Barratt Hacking, E, eds. Research handbook on childhoodnature: assemblages of childhood and nature research. Springer. ISBN 9783319672854 (Forthcoming)


Newman, J (2019) Spectate! Watching, recording and streaming videogames. Bloomsbury Academic. (Forthcoming)


Otele, O (2019) 'Mourning in reluctant sites of memory: from Afrophobia to cultural productivity.' In: Gandolfo, L, Otele, O and Galai, Y, eds. Post-conflict memorialization: missing memorials, absent bodies. Palgrave Macmillan. (Forthcoming)


Purcell-Gates, L (2019) 'The monster and the corpse: puppetry and the uncanniness of gender performance.' In: Astles, C, Mello, A and Orenstein, C, eds. Women and puppetry. Routledge, Abingdon. (Forthcoming)


Steele, J (2019) Francophone Belgian cinema. Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh. ISBN 9781474420761 (Forthcoming)


Wright, E.H (2019) 'Women, drama and print culture 1890–1929.' In: Binckes, F and Snyder, C, eds. Women, periodicals and print culture in Britain, 1890s-1920s: the modernist period. Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh. ISBN 9781474450645 (Forthcoming)

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