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Filer, N and Hare, B (2023) Nathan Filer in conversation with Beri Hare. In: Clifton Village LitFest, 11 November 2023, Clifton Library, Bristol, UK.

Filer, N (2023) Positive psychology and creativity. In: HMP Ashfield Festival, 1 November 2023, HMP Ashfield Library, Bristol, UK.

Filer, N and Heaven, S (2023) One to One [3-part series].

Filer, N (2023) On writing fiction and narrative nonfiction. In: How To Get Published with LiteratureWorks, 21 October 2023, Exeter Library, Exeter, UK.

Filer, N (2023) Your mind and mental health. In: Penned Up!, 4 May 2023, Erlestoke Prison, Erlestoke, UK.

Filer, N (2023) Writer's talk. In: Mental Health Awareness Week, 18 May 2023, The Restore Trust, Bristol, UK.

Filer, N (2023) The language of madness. In: Psychosis: Schizophrenia, Hearing Voices and the Language of 'Madness', 26 April 2023, ACAMH webinar [online].

Filer, N (2022) Keynote lecture: creativity and empathy. In: Sussex Partnership NHS Trust Social Work Conference: Social Work and Trauma Informed Practice, 7 September 2022, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK.

Rundell, K, Filer, N and Gilbert, H (2022) A good read: Katherine Rundell and Nathan Filer.

Filer, N (2021) Modern-day sin-eaters [blog post]. Psychology Today.

Filer, N and Burgin, K.W (2021) Why Do I Feel? [5-part series].

Filer, N (2021) Storytellers on schizophrenia. In: Mental Health Association of San Mateo County: Speaker Series, 4 March 2021, Redwood City, CA, USA [online].

Filer, N (2020) 'Mad fiction: who has the right to write what?' Asylum Magazine, 27 (4).

Filer, N (2019) A disorder for everyone - discussion with Dr Lucy Johnstone. In: A Disorder for Everyone!, 29 November 2019, Jurys Inn, Cardiff, Wales.

Filer, N (2019) The Heartland. In: Author Talks Series, 21 November 2019, Red Lion Books, Colchester, UK.

Filer, N and O'Neill, J (2019) Mind matters. In: Stroud Book Festival, 10 November 2019, Stroud, UK.

Filer, N (2019) The language of madness. In: Richmond Literature Festival, 7 November 2019, Richmond, London, UK.

Filer, N (2019) The language of madness. In: Department of Psychology Seminar Series, 31 October 2019, University of Bath, Bath, UK.

Filer, N (2019) The Big Anxiety Prize Lecture. In: The Big Anxiety Festival, 23 October 2019, Sydney Town Hall, Sydney, Australia.

Filer, N (2019) Empathy and creativity. In: Anxiety, Culture and the Future Conference, 18 October 2019, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

Cannon, J and Filer, N (2019) Joanna Cannon and Nathan Filer: breaking and mending. In: Durham Book Festival, 13 October 2019, Gala Theatre, Durham, UK.

Filer, N (2019) Life with schizophrenia. In: Cheltenham Festival of Literature, 12 October 2019, Cheltenham Town Hall, Cheltenham, UK.

Filer, N (2019) RCNF annual lecture. In: World Mental Health Day Event, 10 October 2019, Royal College of Nursing, London, UK.

Filer, N (2019) The Heartland: finding and losing schizophrenia. In: Wigtown Book Festival, 6 October 2019, Wigtown, UK.

Filer, N (2019) The Heartland: finding and losing schizophrenia. In: Borderlines Carlisle Book Festival, 5 October 2019, Crown and Mitre Hotel, Carlisle, UK.

Filer, N (2019) The Heartland: finding and losing schizophrenia. In: Marlborough Literature Festival, 28 September 2019, Marlborough Town Hall, Marlborough, UK.

Filer, N (2019) Perpectives on trauma: trauma from a literary perspective. In: Royal College of Psychiatrists Medical Psychotherapy Trainee & Trainer Conference, 20 September 2019, Bristol Marriott Royal Hotel, Bristol, UK.

Filer, N and Thomas, M (2019) A spotlight on mental health: Nathan Filer and Michelle Thomas in conversation. In: Foyles Literature Series, 19 September 2019, Foyles Cabot Circus, Bristol, UK.

Filer, N and Watson, C (2019) Nathan Filer and Christie Watson in conversation. In: Literature and Spoken Word Events Series, 9 September 2019, Southbank Centre, London, UK.

Filer, N (2019) Talking about The Heartland: finding and losing schizophrenia. In: Bethlem Event Series, 7 September 2019, Bethlem Museum of the Mind at Bethlem Royal Hospital, Beckenham, UK.

Filer, N and Walters, J (2019) Finding and losing schizophrenia. In: National Centre for Mental Health Event Series, 8 August 2019, Big Moose Coffee Co, Cardiff, Wales.

Filer, N and Thomson, H (2019) Analysing the brain's functions. In: Edinburgh International Book Festival, 13 August 2019, Spark Theatre, Edinburgh, UK.

Filer, N (2019) Nathan Filer in conversation with Professor Anthony David. In: UCL Institute of Mental Health Launch, 16 July 2019, University College London, UK.

Filer, N (2019) The Heartland: finding and losing schizophrenia. In: Bristol Festival of Ideas, 19 June 2019, Waterstones, Bristol, UK.

Filer, N (2019) Voices in my head: exploring schizophrenia. In: Dalkey Book Festival, 15 June 2019, Masonic Lodge, Dalkey, Ireland.

Filer, N (2019) The Heartland: Nathan Filer in conversation with Cathy Rentzenbrink. In: Literary Event Series, 6 June 2019, Foyles Charing Cross, London, UK.

Filer, N (2019) The heartland: finding and losing schizophrenia. Faber & Faber, London. ISBN 9780571345953

Filer, N (2019) Explaining the extraordinary. In: The Bath Festival, 17 - 26 May 2019, Masonic Hall, Bath, UK.

Filer, N (2019) Nathan Filer talks to Bryony Gordon. In: Hay Festival, 25 May 2019, Starlight Stage, Hay-on-Wye, UK.

Filer, N (2018) The Heartland. In: Engaging Empathy Through Creativity Conference, 30 November 2018, Pound Arts Centre, Corsham, UK.

Filer, N (2018) 'Untitled.' In: Cannon, J, ed. Three things I’d tell my younger self. The Borough Press, London. ISBN 9780008318673

Vitale, A, Filer, N, Ryde, J and Smart, A (2017) Exploring the effectiveness of a creative writing intervention to promote refugees’ integration and wellbeing. In: VI International Congress on Migration and Mental Health, 12 October 2017, Rathaus Pankow, Berlin, Germany.

Filer, N, Vitale, A and Hamblyn, R (2017) Nathan Filer and Agata Vitale. In: Writing Well and Writing to Get Well, 19 May 2017, Birkbeck School of Arts, London, UK.

Filer, N and Weston, P (2017) Archive on 4 - The Mind in the Media.

Filer, N (2017) 'Be patient and enjoy what you do.' In: 31x Pécs : Pécsi iróprogram 2011-2016 = Pécs writers' anthology 2011-2016. VerArtis, Pécs, pp. 317-328. ISBN 9789631283976

Filer, N (2016) Nathan Filer. In: Meet the Writer Series, 4 October 2016, Boston University, London, UK.

Filer, N (2016) Keane - introductory talk. In: Psychosis on Screen, 13 June 2016, Watershed, Bristol, UK.

Filer, N (2015) '18th November 1916.' In: Bartlett, N and Pullinger, K, eds. Letter to an unknown soldier: a new kind of war memorial. William Collins, London, p. 236. ISBN 9780008127251

Filer, N (2015) 'How to write an award-winning first novel.' In: Owen, A, ed. Writers' & artists' yearbook 2016. Bloomsbury, London, pp. 261-264. ISBN 9781472907073

Knapp, M, Carr, S, Farmer, P, Filer, N and McGowan, J (2015) Perceptions of madness: understanding mental illness through art, literature and drama. In: PSSRU LSE Literary Festival, 25 February 2015, London School of Economics (LSE), London, UK.

Filer, N (2014) How to write an award-winning best selling first novel. In: TEDx Youth@Bath, November 2014, Bath, UK.

Filer, N and Gold Taylor, B (2014) The Shock of the Fall and The Last Asylum at the Royal College of Nursing. In: RCN Public Lecture Series, 10 October 2014, Royal College of Nursing, London, UK.

Filer, N (2014) 'How to write an award-winning first novel.' In: Owen, A, ed. Writers' & artists' yearbook 2015. Bloomsbury, London. ISBN 9781408192450

Filer, N (2014) The shock of the fall. Borough Press, London. ISBN 9780007491452

Filer, N (2005) 'Borderline personality disorder: attitudes of mental health nurses.' Mental Health Practice, 9 (2). pp. 34-36. ISSN 1465-8720

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