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Book Chapter or Section

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Commissioned Report

Groot, A, Werners, S, Regmi, B, Biemans, H, Gioli, G, Hassan, T, Mamnun, N, Shah, H, Ahmad, B, Siderius, C, Singh, T, Bhadwal, S and Wester, P (2017) Critical climate-stress moments and their assessment in the Hindu Kush Himalaya: conceptualization and assessment methods : HI-AWARE Working Paper 10. HI-AWARE, Kathmandu. ISBN 9789291155361

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Groot, A, Singh, T, Pandey, A, Gioli, G, Ahmed, B, Ishaq, S, Raza, N, Hassan, M, Tanvir Hassan, S.M, Abu Syed, Md, Mamnun, N and Eijrond, V (2018) Literature review of critical climate-stress moments in the Hindu Kush Himalaya: a resource kit. Kathmandu: HI-AWARE.

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