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Jose, N (2016) 'Coetzee in China.' TSLL: Texas Studies in Language and Literature, 58 (4). pp. 451-472. ISSN 1534-7303

Jose, N (2016) Creative writing in China [blog post]. The China Story Journal.

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Jose, N (2013) Auto da fé [book review]. Sydney Review of Books. ISSN 2201-8735

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Jose, N (2001) 'My federation: 1 January 2001.' Postwest, 18.

Jose, N (2000) 'Fairweather's ghost.' Postwest, 16.

Jose, N (2000) The red thread: a love story. Chronicle, San Fransisco. ISBN 9780811829519

Jose, N (1999) 'Australia in time.' In: Stretton, A, ed. Reaching the world : Olympic Arts Festivals 1999. Sydney Organising Committee for the Olympic Games, Sydney.

Jose, N and Baohe, W (1998) 'The ape herd [translation of original work by Mang Ke].' In: Rothenburg, J and Joris, P, eds. Poems for the millennium, vol.2: from postwar to millennium. University of California Press, Berkeley CA and London. ISBN 9780520208643

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Jose, N (1986) Feathers or lead: short fiction. Penguin, Ringwood, Vic.. ISBN 9780140088519

Jose, N (1984) Ideas of the Restoration in English literature, 1660-1671. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass.. ISBN 9780674442764

Jose, N (1984) Rowena's field. Rigby, Adelaide. ISBN 9780727019981

Jose, N (1981) The possession of amber. University of Queensland Press, St. Lucia, Qld. ISBN 9780702215377

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