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Neale, J (2012) 'People change: American soldiers and marines in Vietnam.' In: Gonzalez, M and Barekat, H, eds. Arms and the people: popular movements and the military from the Paris Commune to the Arab Spring. Pluto Press, London. ISBN 9780745332895

Neale, J (2011) 'The Influence of 1797 upon the Nereide Mutiny of 1809.' In: Coats, A and MacDougall, P, eds. The Naval Mutinies of 1797: Unity and Perseverance. Boydell and Brewer, Woodbridge. ISBN 9781843836698

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Neale, J (2008) 'Ranting and silence: the contradictions of writing for activists and academics.' In: Armbruster, H and Laerke, A, eds. Taking sides: ethics, politics, and fieldwork in anthropology. Berghahn, New York; Oxford. ISBN 9781845454210

Neale, J (2008) Stop global warming: change the world. Bookmarks Publications, London. ISBN 9781905192373

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Neale, J and Monbiot, G (2002) 'Life after capitalism' and 'Theory of alterglobalization'. In: European Social Forum, November 2002, Florence, Italy.

Neale, J (2002) Lost at Sea. Houghton Mifflin. ISBN 0-618-43236-1

Neale, J (2002) Muslims in Europe after 9/11. In: Mediterranean Ethnological Summer School, 2002, Piran, Slovenia.

Neale, J (2002) Tigers in the Snow. St Martin's Press. ISBN 312266235

Neale, J (2002) You are G8 we are 6 billion: the truth behind the Genoa protests. Vision, London. ISBN 9781904132134

Neale, J (2002) The history of Sherpa climbers. In: Annual International Festival of Mountaineering Literature, 9 November 2002, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK.

Neale, J (2001) The American War: Vietnam, 1960-1975. Bookmarks. ISBN 1898876673

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Neale, J (1997) The search for the sun. .

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Neale, J (1993) The laughter of heroes. 90s Series . Serpent's Tail, London and New York. ISBN 9781852422790

Neale, J (1991) Frogspell. Epping Forest Arts.

Neale, J (1989) The white mountain. Harlow Theatre Van.

Neale, J (1988) Henry Mayhew's London.

Neale, J (1988) Storyteller. No Kidding Theatre Company, London.

Neale, J (1988) The merrie Englande murders, Robin Hood in a theme park. Perspectives Theatre Company, Mansfield.

Neale, J (1986) Fight like tigers, a one-woman show. Crown and Woolpack, London 1986; Glasgow Mayfest, 1987.

Neale, J (1986) Pig 311. Harlow Theatre Van.

Neale, J (1985) Himalaya.

Neale, J (1985) The cutlass and the lash: mutiny and discipline in Nelson's navy. Pluto, London. ISBN 9780745300795

Neale, J (1983) Memoirs of a callous picket: working for the NHS. Pluto, London. ISBN 9780861047086

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