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Atkinson, N and Fearns, R (1994) Galleries.


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Hyde, J (1994) Songlines.


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Jose, N (1994) Dead city. In: Sydney Asian Theatre Festival; Q Theatre Company, Belvoir Street Theatre, Surry Hills, NSW, 19-25 November 1994.

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Jury, C (1994) To baldly go.


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Slade, C (1994) Pixie. In: Seminar Series (?), 7 May 1994, Laval University, Québec City, Canada.

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Wilson, C (1994) Disclosure [group exhibition]. London EC2, London, UK, June 1994.

Wilson, C (1994) Little and Large [group exhibition]. The Tannery, London, UK, November 1994.

Woodward, G (1994) After the deafening. Chatto poetry series, Poetry book society choice . Chatto. ISBN 0701162716


Ye, S, Jose, N and Trevaskes, S (1994) The finish line: a long march by bicycle through China and Australia [translation]. University of Queensland Press. ISBN 9780702226540

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