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Atkinson, N and Fearns, R (1996) Perfect worlds.


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Hensher, P (1996) Kitchen venom. Hamish Hamilton, London. ISBN 0007152426

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Jones, O (1996) Stepping from the wreckage: pragmatism and the post-structuralist challenge. In: RGS-IBG Annual Conference, 1996, Nottingham.


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Neale, J (1996) Oedipus needs help, the Greek king and his therapist. Diorama Theatre, London.


Parfitt, R and Cole, M (1996) Supernatural joy (as 60ft Dolls).

Parfitt, R and Cole, M (1996) The big 3 (as 60ft Dolls).

Pullinger, K (1996) The last time I saw Jane. Orion. ISBN 9781897580844


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Saunders, J (1996) Changing rings.

Saunders, J (1996) Floating poles.

Saunders, J (1996) Those birds.

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Slade, C (1996) Philosophy and children. In: Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy Annual Conference, 4 April 1996, The Australian Catholic University, Melbourne.

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Slade, C and van der Mensbrugghe, J (1996) Images of Australia in the wake of Muroroa: changes in European press images of Australia. In: International Association of Mass Communication Research (biennial international meeting), 12 August 1996, Sydney.

Smith, A, Pollock, J, Thomas, M, Llewelyn, M and Borysiewicz, L (1996) 'The relationship between subjective ratings of sleep and mental functioning in healthy subjects and patients with chronic fatigue syndrome.' Human Psychopharmacology: Clinical and Experimental, 11 (3). pp. 161-167. ISSN 1099-1077

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Wilson, C (1996) Site 11: collaborative project. In: In Our Empty Rooms, Berlin, Germany, April 1996.

Wilson, C (1996) Trojan Horses: collaborative project. Slade Gallery, University College London, UK, March 1996.

Wood, J and Harrison, P (1996) Selected Works. Crawford Art Gallery, Cork, 1996.

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