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Mews, C and Rigby, K, eds. (1999) Ecology, gender and the sacred. Monash University, Clayton. ISBN 9780732620950

Newsinger, J, ed. (1999) Shaking the world: John Reed's revolutionary journalism. Bookmarks, London. ISBN 9781898876410

Bhatti, G (1999) Asian children at home and at school: an ethnographic study. Routledge, London. ISBN 9780415174985

Bizley, K (1999) Football. Heinemann, Oxford. ISBN 9780431085326

Bizley, K (1999) Games. Heinemann, Oxford. ISBN 9780431085364

Bizley, K (1999) Inline skating. Heinemann, Oxford. ISBN 9780431036755

Bizley, K (1999) Mountain biking. Heinemann, Oxford. ISBN 9780431036762

Bizley, K (1999) PE matters 14-16. Heinemann, London. ISBN 9780435130572

Bizley, K (1999) Surfing. Heinemann, Oxford. ISBN 9780431036779

Bizley, K and Hutchinson, S (1999) Swimming. Heinemann, Oxford. ISBN 9780431085340

Brayfield, C (1999) Sunset. Little Brown, London. ISBN 9780316646864

Brown, A.R (1999) Political languages of race and the politics of exclusion. Ashgate, London. ISBN 9781840145168

Cardwell, M and Flanagan, C (1999) Perspectives in psychology. Philip Allan, Deddington, Oxon.

English, L (1999) Children of light. Fourth Estate, London. ISBN 9781857029765

Gee, M (1999) The ice people. Richard Cohen, London. ISBN 186066153X

Gifford, T (1999) Pastoral. Routledge, London. ISBN 9780415147330

Hensher, P (1999) The bedroom of the mister's wife. Chatto & Windus, London. ISBN 0701167297

Malik, I.H (1999) Islam, nationalism and the West: issues of identity in Pakistan. St. Martin's Press, New York,. ISBN 9780312220600

Marshall, A (1999) The age of faction: court politics, 1660-1702. New Frontiers in History . Manchester University Press, Manchester. ISBN 9780719049743

Marshall, A (1999) The strange death of Edmund Godfrey: plots and politics in Restoration London. Sutton Publishing, Stroud. ISBN 9780750921008

Mindel, C and Hay, P (1999) Working with contemporary art : resource pack. BBC, London. ISBN 0563463031

Newsinger, J (1999) The Dredd phenomenon: comics and contemporary society. Libertarian Education, London. ISBN 9780951399774

Newsinger, J (1999) Orwell's politics. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke. ISBN 9780333682876

Pullinger, K (1999) Weird sister. McArthur & Co., Toronto. ISBN 9781552780855

Robinson, C (1999) Tradition and liberation: the Hindu tradition in the Indian women's movement. Routledge Studies in Asian Religion . Routledge. ISBN 9780700711437

Tooby, M and Feary, J (1999) Colour in space: Patrick Heron: public projects. Tate Gallery St Ives, St Ives. ISBN 9781854372970

Tooby, M and de Waal, E (1999) Modern home: an intervention by Edmund de Waal at High Cross House. Dartington Hall. ISBN 9780902386181

Woodward, G (1999) Island to island. Chatto poetry . Chatto & Windus, London. ISBN 9780701168698

Book Chapter or Section

Barton, A, Brookman, F and Smith, D (1999) 'Crime and delinquency in Wales.' In: Dunkerley, D and Thompson, A, eds. Wales today. University of Wales Press, Cardiff. ISBN 9780708315217

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Gifford, T (1999) 'Muir's Ruskin: John Muir's reservations about John Ruskin reviewed.' In: Miller, S.M, ed. John Muir in historical perspective. Peter Lang Publishing, New York, NY, pp. 137-150. ISBN 9780820440088

Gifford, T (1999) 'Scottish portraits.' In: Steck, A, Roper, S and Harris, D, eds. Ascent: the mountaineering experience in word and image. 14th revised ed. American Alpine Club, Golden, CO, pp. 103-111. ISBN 9780930410803

Gifford, T (1999) 'Teaching post-pastoral poetry of landscape in the mountains.' In: Turner, J, Broderick, D and Hartley, P, eds. Creative Writing Conference 1999: proceedings. Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, pp. 145-152.

Gifford, T (1999) 'Ted Hughes and South Yorkshire.' In: Gammage, N, ed. The epic poise: a celebration of Ted Hughes. Faber & Faber, London, pp. 216-218. ISBN 9780571196869

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Jose, N (1999) 'Australia in time.' In: Stretton, A, ed. Reaching the world : Olympic Arts Festivals 1999. Sydney Organising Committee for the Olympic Games, Sydney.

Lee, S (1999) 'Fundraising in the United Kingdom.' In: Harris, T, ed. International fund raising for not-for-profits: a country by country profile. Wiley, New York, NY. ISBN 047124452X

McKechnie, R (1999) 'Extending the boundaries of care in research practice.' In: McKechnie, R and Kohn, T, eds. Extending the boundaries of care: medical ethics and caring practices. Cross-cultural perspectives on women . Berg, Oxford. ISBN 978-1859731413

McLaren, G (1999) 'Utility forgot : shaping the future of the British pottery industry 1941-1945.' In: Attfield, J, ed. Utility reassessed: the role of ethics in the practice of design. Manchester University Press, Manchester, pp. 157-171. ISBN 0719058449

Millard, K (1999) 'Implicit religion: the spirituality of the secular?' In: Chrysiddes, G, ed. Unitarian perspectives on contemporary religious thought. Lindsey Press, London. ISBN 9780853190615

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Rodgers, T (1999) 'The extraordinary Dr Nikola: Guy Boothby and pulp fiction at the fin de siecle (introductory essay).' In: G. Boothby's Dr. Nikola: occult adventurer. Pulp Publications. ISBN 9781902058177

Slade, C (1999) 'Reason to buy: teaching reasoning through television.' In: van Eemeren, F.H., Grootendorst, R, Blair, J.A. and Willard, C.A., eds. Proceedings of the fourth international conference of the International Society for the Study of Argumentation. SIC SAT, Amsterdam, pp. 746-750. ISBN 9789074049047

Whitty, G (1999) 'New Right and New Labour: continuity and change in education policy.' In: Kastendiek, H, Stinshoff, R and Sturm, R, eds. The return of Labour : a turning point in British politics? Veröffentlichung / Arbeitskreis Deutsche England-Forschung (42). Philo, Bodenheim, pp. 191-206. ISBN 9783825701383

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Woodward, G (1999) 'Giant.' In: Paterson, D and Shapcott, J, eds. Last words. Picador, London.


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Conference or Workshop Item

Hughes, W (1999) “Obscure diseases”: the multiple symptomatology of Bram Stoker’s 'Dracula'. In: The Second International Gothic Association Conference, 26 - 29 June 1995, University of Stirling, Stirling, UK.

Jones, O (1999) Naturally not: childhood, nature and the urban. In: Geographies of Childhood Conference, 1999, Liverpool Hope University College, Liverpool.

Jones, O (1999) Trees, agency, ethical imagination and place. In: For the Love of Nature? Centre for Human Ecology Conference, 24-28 June 1999, Findhorn, UK.

Reid-Bowen, P (1999) Essentialism and the goddess: method and theory in thealogy. In: Theology and Religious Studies Postgraduate Conference, University of Derby.

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Rigby, K (1999) Women, community and care: some hidden conditions of community. In: Public Panel Presentation, 14 July 1999, Melbourne, Australia.

Slade, C (1999) Global media generations, Australian and Mexican study. In: Global Media Generations (?), 21 July 1999, New York University.

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Slade, C (1999) Pensée critique et pensée créative. In: ACFAS (Association Canadienne pour L’Avancement des Sciences) Conference, May 1999, Ottawa, Canada.

Slade, C (1999) Seeing reasons. In: Annual Media Ecology Conference, 11 November 1999, New York University, NY.

Slade, C (1999) Speaking of South Park. In: Ontario Society of The Study for Argumentation Conference, May 1999, Brock University, Toronto.


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Wood, J and Harrison, P (1999) Obstacle Course and Other Works. John Hansard Gallery, Southampton, 24 August - 02 October 1999. ISBN 9781841660264


Duddell, J (1999) Circle square.

Duddell, J (1999) Computation.

Duddell, J (1999) Fracture.

Duddell, J (1999) Parallel lines.

Duddell, J (1999) The realside.

Hugill, A (1999) Symphony for Cornwall.

Saunders, J (1999) 511 possible mosaics.

Saunders, J (1999) Compatibility hides itself.

Saunders, J (1999) Scanning trees.


Atkinson, N and Gross, P (1999) Hollow hill. Michael Tippett Centre, Bath Spa University, Bath, UK.

Lewis-Smith, C (1999) The mud crawlers. In: TAN Dance, Theatre Taliesin, Swansea, UK, 1999.


Gittings, L (1999) 25 years of Partridge Films.

Gittings, L (1999) Moments of fear.

Gittings, L (1999) The day Granddad went blind.

Hyde, J and Sumner, A (1999) Nekyia.

May, S (1999) STIs.


Bentham, R (1999) On the rob.

Heaton, R and Grange, P (1999) Dark labyrinths.

Hyde, J (1999) Manic.

May, S (1999) Market research.

May, S (1999) Profile.

May, S (1999) Waiting.

Moor, D (1999) Cousteau (by Cousteau).


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McInnes, K (1999) Mathematics in Your Head Conference report. TACTYC Newsletter, Summer.

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