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Albuquerque, P.B, Resende, A, Paulo, R.M and Capelo, M.C (2010) Producing false memories through the DRM paradigm: the role of theme identifiability and word strength association. In: 1st Joint Conference of the Experimental Psychology Society (EPS) and the Spanish Experimental Psychological Society (SEPEX), 2010, University of Granada, Granada, Spain.

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Almond, D (2010) The boy who climbed into the moon. Walker Books, London. ISBN 9781406314571

Ashton, D (2010) 'Archives and prefigurative practices: digital games walkthrough archives as record and resource.' In: Bose, N and Grieveson, L, eds. Using moving image archives. Scope e-Book, pp. 101-114. ISBN 9780956464118

Ashton, D (2010) Digital gaming and the documentary form: agency, engagement and designed experiences. In: Documentary Now, 15-16 January 2010, Birkbeck College, UK.

Ashton, D (2010) Freelancing, moonlighting, networking, volunteering: cultural workers-in-the-making. In: The Future of Cultural Work, 7 June 2010, Open University, Milton Keynes.

Ashton, D (2010) From the bedroom to beyond: identifying (with) industry tools and technologies. In: Affective Fabrics of Digital Culture: Feelings, Technologies, Politics, 3-4 June 2010, University of Manchester, UK.

Ashton, D (2010) Mediating industry and employability: images and accounts from a hybrid space. In: Employability in the Curriculum: Beyond the Bolt-on?, 22-23 June 2010, University of Central Lancashire’s Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETH), UCLAN, Preston.

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Ashton, D (2010) 'This is not how cancer looks': public understandings of celebrity and risk in the news. In: Celebrity News, 15-17 September 2010, University of Geneva, Switzerland.

Ashton, D (2010) 'You just end up feeling more professional': media production and industry-ready personhood. In: MeCCSA, 6-8 January 2010, LSE, London.

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Atkinson, N, Hoare, P and Cockayne, A (2010) Dominion.


Bardsley, G and Parry, B (2010) Snow.

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Bennett, J (2010) The ontology of collaborative songwriting in popular music studio practice. In: Art of Record Production Conference, 3–5 December 2010, Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds.

Bentham, R (2010) Rip off.

Bentham, R (2010) 'Short man.' In: Jones, M, ed. Up to our necks in it: poems on the way we live now., p. 47. ISBN 9781409297826

Bentham, R and Yeger, S (2010) It was not and never would be enough and poems by Pat V.T. West. Rive Gauche, Bristol. ISBN 9780953037025

Binckes, F (2010) Modernism, magazines, and the British avant-garde: reading rhythm, 1910-1914. Oxford University Press, Oxford. ISBN 9780199252527

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Brown, A.R (2010) 'The importance of being 'metal': the metal music tabloid and youth identity construction.' In: Scott, N and Von Helden, I, eds. The metal void: first gatherings. Inter-Disciplinary Press, Oxford, pp. 105-134. ISBN 9781904710875

Brown, R (2010) Silent Things.

Buckley, K, Clapham, D, Mackie, P, Orford, S and Thomas, I (2010) Young people and housing in 2020: identifying key drivers for change.


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Chaffey, N (2010) Plant cell biology on DVD [DVD review]. Annals of Botany, 105 (5). x-xi. ISSN 0305-7364

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Christopher, L (2010) Flyaway. Chicken House, Frome. ISBN 9781905294763

Clayden, P (2010) Arcadia Spectacular. In: Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts, Glastonbury, UK, June 2010.

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De Sequeira, A (2010) Are we ready for smart packaging? In: IUFoST (International Union of Food Science and Technology 2010 - 15th World Congress of Food Science and Technology, 22 - 26 August 2010, Cape Town, South Africa.

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Deegalle, M (2010) 'Engaged and humanist Buddhism for the rehabilitation process of post-war Sri Lanka.' In: Global recovery: the Buddhist perspective: proceedings of of 7th International Buddhist Conference on the United Nations Day of Vesak Celebrations, Thailand, 23-25 May 2010. UNDV, Ayutthaya, pp. 304-308.

Demetriou, P.A (2010) An Exhibition of Hidden Stories: A Walk Down Memory Lane. Queen Mary University of London, London, UK, May 2010.

Devadason, R (2010) 'Cosmopolitanism, geographical imaginaries and belonging in North London.' Urban Studies, 47 (14). pp. 2945-2963. ISSN 0042-0980

Duddell, J (2010) All stars aligned.

Duddell, J (2010) Chimp walkabout. In: Brisfest 2011, Bristol, UK, 23-25 September 2011.


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English, L (2010) Flash. Touring show.

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Feasey, R (2010) Reconsidering soap opera: (post) feminism, femininity and the woman's role. In: What happened next? Feminist Television Studies in post-feminist times: researching the relationship between women, feminism, the feminine and British television, 16 September 2010, University of Sunderland, Sunderland, UK.

Feasey, R and Ashton, D (2010) 'Not just documented but sold': Jade and death on the TV, radio, magazines, news, and the web. In: Death and the Media : Joint BSA Death, Dying and Bereavement Study Group and BSA Media Study Group Event, 15 November 2010, British Sociological Association, London, UK.

Ferreira, G, Oliveira, I, Saraiva, M, Miranda, P and Paulo, R.M (2010) Using the RSU with elementary school students. In: Jornadas de Iniciação à Investigação em Psicologia, October 2010, University of Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal.

Forna, A (2010) The memory of love. Bloomsbury, London. ISBN 9781408804247


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Hugill, A (2010) The lion and the eagle.

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Hyde, J (2010) Vanishing Point.


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Irvine, K and Dickson, K (2010) Emotional entrepreneurs: an exploratory study of small-scale theatre company founders. In: ISBE/RAKE Workshop, 26 March 2010, London, UK.

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