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Alderman, N (2013) Zombies, run! 2.

Alderman, N (2013) The walk.

Almond, D (2013) Nesting: short stories. Iron Press, North Shields. ISBN 9780956572578


Barraclough, E.R, Cudmore, D and Donecker, S (2013) 'Der übernatürliche Norden: Konturen eines Forschungsfeldes.' Nordeuropaforum, 23. pp. 23-53. ISSN 1863-639X

Bentham, R (2013) Let all tongues flower. Firewater Press. Please click the title to check availability.

Binckes, F (2013) Air-filled rooms: periodicals, modernism, and the eclectic tradition. In: Modernist Magazines Research Seminar, 14 November 2013, Senate House, University of London.

Binckes, F (2013) Osmazone: Ithell Colquhoun, automatism and the literary field. In: Modernist Studies Association 15th Annual Conference, 29 August - 1 September 2013, University of Sussex.

Brain, T (2013) 'Medicine in Sylvia Plath's late poems.' Plath Profiles: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Sylvia Plath Studies, 6 (Summer). pp. 9-26. ISSN 2155-8175

Brain, T (2013) 'Story, body and voice: dating and grouping Sylvia Plath's poems.' In: Critical insights: Sylvia Plath. Salem Press, Ipswich MA. ISBN 9781429838337


Caldecott, E (2013) The great ice-cream heist. Bloomsbury, London. ISBN 9781408820506

Camp, J (2013) Restoration Bath: a social and cultural shift, c.1660-1689. In: Royal Historical Society Symposium: Intimacy, Power and Authority in European Perspectives, 17 - 18 October 2013, Bath Spa University, Corsham, UK.

Chalus, E (2013) '“My Lord Sue”: Lady Susan Keck and the Great Oxfordshire Election of 1754.' Parliamentary History, 32 (3). pp. 443-459. ISSN 0264-2824

Christopher, L (2013) The killing woods. Chicken House. ISBN 9781906427726

Cologne-Brookes, G (2013) 'East of Eden County: John Steinbeck, Joyce Carol Oates and the afterlife of Cathy Trask.' In: Meyer, M. J and Veggian, H, eds. East of Eden. Rodopi, pp. 181-200. ISBN 9789042037120

Cologne-Brookes, G (2013) Home is where the heart is: Steinbeck and Salinas. In: Steinbeck Festival, 3 - 5 May 2013, National Steinbeck Center, Salinas California.

Cologne-Brookes, G (2013) Rereading the confessions of Nat Turner. In: British Association for American Studies 58th Annual Conference, 18 - 21 April 2013, University of Exeter.

Cologne-Brookes, G (2013) 'A stroll through Hell in search of love: discovering Polish responses to a century of suffering.' In: Peters, G and Peters, F, eds. Thoughts of love. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne, pp. 207-220. ISBN 97814438-48718


Dafydd, S.M (2013) 'Foxy.' The White Review, 8.

Dafydd, S.M (2013) 'Hospital field.' In: Norminton, G, ed. Beacons: stories for our not so distant future. Oneworld, Richmond, pp. 211-215. ISBN 9781851689699

Dafydd, S.M (2013) Paper people: a story in 6 floors. Wales Arts Review.

Deegalle, M (2013) '“Foremost among religions”: Theravada Buddhism’s affairs with the modern Sri Lankan state.' In: Kitiarsa, P and Whalen-Bridge, J, eds. Buddhism, modernity and the state in Asia: forms of engagement. Palgrave Macmillan, New York, pp. 41-61. ISBN 9781137332943

Deegalle, M (2013) 'Sri Lankan diaspora in the United Kingdom.' In: Reeves, P, ed. The encyclopedia of the Sri Lankan diaspora. Institute of South Asian Studies, National University of Singapore and Editions Didier Millet, Singapore, pp. 117-123.

Deegalle, M (2013) 'Warfare: Buddhism.' In: Sharma, A, ed. Encyclopedia of Indian religions. Springer, New Delhi.

Deegalle, M (2013) 'When Buddhism meets cosmopolitanism: an education for global citizenship.' In: International symposium on educational and global citizenship. UNDV Conference volume. Proceedings of the 10th International Celebration of the United Nations Day of Vesak. Bangkok, Thailand, 21-22 May 2013. UNDV, Ayutthaya, pp. 13-24.


English, L (2013) 'Brave new worlds: spoken word and open mic sessions.' Mslexia (60). ISSN 1473-9399 Please click the title to check availability.

Evans, P (2013) Chapel of Skins. In: Afternoon Drama, BBC Radio 4, 22 January 2013.


Forna, A (2013) The hired man. Bloomsbury Publishing. ISBN 9781408817667


Gadd, I ORCID: 0000-0002-6154-5990 (2013) '‘At four shillings per year, paying one quarter in hand': reprinting Swift’s Examiner in Dublin, 1710-11.' In: Juhas, K, Real, H. J and Simon, S, eds. Reading Swift: papers from the Sixth Münster Symposium on Jonathan Swift. Wilhelm Fink, Munich, pp. 75-94. ISBN 9783770554300

Gadd, I ORCID: 0000-0002-6154-5990 (2013) History of Oxford University Press, Volume 1: beginnings to 1780. Oxford University Press, Oxford. ISBN 9780199557318

Gadd, I ORCID: 0000-0002-6154-5990 (2013) 'Leaving the printer to his liberty: Swift and the London book trade, 1701–14.' In: Bullard, P and McLaverty, J, eds. Jonathan Swift and the eighteenth-century book. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9781107016262

Gadd, I ORCID: 0000-0002-6154-5990 (2013) 'An international press.' In: Gadd, I, ed. History of Oxford University Press, Volume 1: Beginnings to 1780. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 601-626. ISBN 9780199557318

Gadd, I ORCID: 0000-0002-6154-5990 (2013) 'The press and the London book trade.' In: Gadd, I, ed. History of Oxford University Press, Volume 1: Beginnings to 1780. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 569-600. ISBN 9780199557318

Gadd, I ORCID: 0000-0002-6154-5990 (2013) 'The university and the Oxford book trade.' In: Gadd, I, ed. History of Oxford University Press, Volume 1: Beginnings to 1780. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 549-568. ISBN 9780199557318

Gifford, T (2013) 'Cormac McCarthy’s 'The road' and a post-pastoral theory of fiction.' In: Simonson, M, Rio, D and Ibarraran, A, eds. A contested west: new readings of place in western American literature. Portal Editions, London, pp. 43-60. ISBN 9788493970581

Gifford, T (2013) 'Cyprus souvenir.' Cadences: A Journal of Literature and the Arts in Cyprus, 9. pp. 105-106. ISSN 1450-1813

Gifford, T (2013) 'Donkey.' Cadences: A Journal of Literature and the Arts in Cyprus, 7. pp. 105-106. ISSN 1450-1813

Gifford, T (2013) 'Early women mountaineers achieve both summits and publication in Britain and America.' In: Gómez Reus, T and Gifford, T, eds. Women in transit through literary liminal spaces. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, pp. 91-106. ISBN 9781137330468

Gifford, T (2013) Ecology and the literature of the British left: the red and the green [book review]. ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment, 20 (2). pp. 444-445. ISSN 1076-0962

Gifford, T (2013) Keith Sagar, ‘Art for life’s sake': essays on D.H. Lawrence [book review]. Journal of D.H. Lawrence Studies, 3 (2). pp. 189-191. ISSN 0308-7662

Gifford, T (2013) 'Nature’s eloquent speech in Charles Frazier’s novel 'Nightwoods'.' Mississippi Quarterly, 66 (4). pp. 565-582. ISSN 0026-637X

Gifford, T (2013) 'Ownership and access in the work of John Muir, John Buchan and Andrew Greig.' Green Letters: Studies in Ecocriticism, 17 (2). pp. 164-174. ISSN 1468-8417

Gifford, T (2013) 'A playful novel of reprise: an ecofeminist reading of 'Kangaroo’.' Journal of D.H. Lawrence Studies, 3 (2). pp. 109-119.

Gifford, T and Kerslake, L (2013) 'Introduction.' Feminismo/s (22). pp. 13-16. ISSN 1696-8166

Green, J (2013) Sylvie and Star. Oxford University Press, Oxford. ISBN 9780192757968

Green, J (2013) This northern sky. Bloomsbury Childrens. ISBN 9781408820698

Gregg, S.H (2013) 'Swallows and hounds: Defoe’s thinking animals.' Digital Defoe: Studies in Defoe and his Contemporaries, 5 (1). ISSN 1948-1802

Grieves, K (2013) The female bruisers: women prizefighters of the eighteenth century. In: Georgian Pleasures Conference, 12-13 September 2013, Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institute and The Holburne Museum, Bath, UK.

Griffin, B (2013) 'All colours of the rainbow, including black and gold: making and selling bicycles in Ireland in the 1880s and 1890s.' Irish Historical Studies, 38 (152). pp. 620-642. ISSN 0021-1214

Griffin, B (2013) 'Anti-Catholicism in Bath from 1820 to 1870.' Recusant History, 31 (4). pp. 593-611. ISSN 0034-1932

Griffin, B (2013) 'Sporting policemen: sports and the police in Victorian and Edwardian Ireland.' Eire-Ireland, 48 (1&2). 54- 78. ISSN 0013-2683

Griffin, B (2013) 'The bicycle and the British Army in Victorian Ireland.' The Irish Sword, XXIX (116). pp. 163-178. ISSN 0461-5050

Griffin, B (2013) 'The big house at play: archery as an elite pastime from the 1830s to the 1870s.' In: O'Neill, C, ed. Irish elites in the nineteenth century. Nineteenth-century Ireland (15). Four Courts Press, Dublin, pp. 153-171. ISBN 9781846823510


Hackett, S (2013) Foreigners, minorities and integration: the Muslim immigrant experience in Britain and Germany. Manchester University Press, Manchester. ISBN 9780719083174

Hackett, S (2013) 'Introduction.' In: Hackett, S, Nash, G and Kerr Koch, K, eds. Postcolonialism and Islam: theory, literature, culture, society and film. Islamic Studies Series . Routledge, Abingdon, pp. 1-14. ISBN 9780415710572

Hackett, S (2013) The ‘local turn’ in historical perspective: multi-level research in Britain and Germany. In: Theorizing 'the local turn' in immigrant policies: a multi-level approach, 20 September 2013, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona.

Hadjiafxendi, K (2013) 'Gender and the woman question.' In: Harris, M, ed. George Eliot in Context. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9780521764087

Hadjiafxendi, K (2013) 'Negotiating fame: mid-Victorian women writers and the romantic myth of the gentlemanly reviewer.' In: Hadjiafxendi, K and Zakreski, P, eds. Crafting the woman professional in the long nineteenth century: artistry and industry in Britain. Ashgate, Farnham, pp. 187-205. ISBN 9781472408969

Hadjiafxendi, K and Zakreski, P (2013) 'Introduction: artistry and industry - the process of female professionalisation.' In: Crafting the woman professional in the long nineteenth century: artistry and industry in Britain. Ashgate, Farnham, pp. 1-24. ISBN 9781472408969

Hadley, T (2013) Clever girl. Jonathan Cape, London. ISBN 9780224096522

Hadley, T (2013) 'Experience.' New Yorker, 88 (44). ISSN 0028-792X

Hannis, M and Rawles, K (2013) 'Compensation or bribery? Ethical issues in the treatment of communities hosting radioactive waste.' In: Oughton, D, Hansson, S and Baxter, M, eds. Social and ethical aspects of radiation risk management. Radioactivity in the Environment . Elsevier, London. ISBN 9780080450155

Harvey, S (2013) 'Flowers appear on the Earth.' Granta, 122. ISSN 0017-3231

Hems, A (2013) Beyond interpretation: the space between the words. In: Artists in the Archive, 30 September 2013, The National Archives and Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre, Chippenham, UK.

Hill, T (2013) “All eyes still open to behold them: And all harts and hands to applaud them”: the audiences of the Lord Mayor’s Show. In: The 59th Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America, 4 - 6 April 2013, Sheraton Hotel, San Diego, CA, USA.

Hill, T (2013) '"On the most Eminent seate thereof is Gouernement Illustrated": staging power in the Lord Mayor's Show.' In: Loughnane, R and Semple, E, eds. Staged transgression: performing disorder in early modern England. Palgrave, pp. 24-36. ISBN 9781137349347

Hill, T (2013) ‘To the Honour of our Nation abroad’: the merchant as adventurer in civic pageantry. In: Japan and Britain, 1613: Parallels and Exchanges, 19 - 21 September 2013, SOAS, London, UK.

Hughes, W (2013) “And the dead spake–”: technology and the voicing of post-mortem experience in E. F. Benson’s short fictions. In: Gothic Technologies/Gothic Techniques: The Eleventh International Gothic Association Conference, 5 - 8 August 2013, University of Surrey, Guildford.

Hughes, W (2013) '"As much a family as anyone could be, anywhere ever": revisioning the family in Poppy Z. Brite’s 'Lost souls'.' In: Andeweg, A and Zlosnik, S, eds. Gothic kinship. Manchester University Press, Manchester, pp. 174-195. ISBN 9780719088605

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Hughes, W (2013) "A receptacle for valuable curios": the Edwardian Egyptology of Bram Stoker’s 'The jewel of seven stars’. In: Visions of Egypt: Literature and Culture from the Nineteenth Century to the Present, 6 - 7 September 2013, Hull.

Hughes, W (2013) "The same, awful waxen pallor": physiology and vampirism in Bram Stoker's 'Dracula'. In: Spectral Visions II: The Revenge, 21 June 2013, St. Peter's Campus, University of Sunderland.

Hughes, W (2013) '“A strange kind of evil”: superficial paganism and false ecology in 'The wicker man'.' In: Hughes, W and Smith, A, eds. EcoGothic. Manchester University Press, Manchester, pp. 58-71. ISBN 9780719086571

Hughes, W (2013) The theatre of his beastly exhibitions: the erotic nature of early Victorian magnetism. In: Body and Mind: Mesmerism in Nineteenth Century Culture and Literature, 17 October 2013, Barts Pathology Museum, London.

Hugill, A and Rieser, M (2013) Secret Garden. Phoenix Digital Arts Centre, Leicester, UK, 10 September - 1 October 2012.

Hugill, A and Rieser, M (2013) 'Secret Garden.' Media-N, Journal of the New Media Caucus, 9 (3). ISSN 1942-017X

Hugill, A and Rieser, M (2013) 'Secret garden.' Digital Creativity, 24 (3). pp. 264-267. ISSN 1462-6268


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Liardet, T (2013) Two poems - God love the art deco angel; Portrait in the Gaudi mirror. PN Review, 40 (2). ISSN 0144-7076

Little, L (2013) Visual pacing of narrative in a children's picturebook. In: Myth, Fantasy and Fairy Tales in Literature and the Arts Conference, 16 November 2013, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK.

Little, L (2013) Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? Depictions of characters in a picturebook from the perspective of the illustrator. In: CONFIA 2013: International Conference on Illustration and Animation, 29 -30 November 2013, Porto, Portugal.

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