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Read, S (2023) 'When the webcam is off: disabled and academic identities before and during the Coronavirus pandemic.' In: Vance, M.L and Harrison, E.G, eds. Disabled faculty & staff: intersecting identities in higher education (volume 2). AHEAD, Huntersville, NC, pp. 91-95. ISBN 9780999608951

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Commissioned Report

Read, S, Macer, M and Parfitt, A (2020) Effective use of Pupil Premium Plus to improve educational outcomes for looked after children. Bath Spa University, Bath, UK.

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Read, S, Heslop, P, Miles, C, Mason-Angelow, V, Turner, S and Hatton, C (2018) Hospitals should consistently provide ‘reasonable adjustments’ for disabled patients. Policy report 28. University of Bristol, Bristol.

D’Evelyn, S, Mason-Angelow, V, Merchant, W, Porter, S, Read, S and Trahar, S (2018) Universities need to develop more inclusive practices to attract and to value disabled staff and students. Policy report 32. University of Bristol, Bristol.

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