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Gifford, T, ed. (1997) The Climbers' Club centenary journal. Cordee, Leicester, pp. 9-10. ISBN 9780901601674

Hill, T, ed. (1997) Decadence and danger: writing, history and the fin de siecle. Sulis Press, Bath. ISBN 0952685620

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Bizley, K (1997) How sport is organized. Heinemann, Oxford. ISBN 9780431074962

Bizley, K (1997) Taking part in sport. Heinemann, Oxford. ISBN 9780431074986

Chalus, E (1997) Gender in eighteenth-century England: roles, representations and responsibilities. Addison Wesley Longman, London. ISBN 9780582278264

Gifford, T, Sewell, J, Sutherhill, C and Syder, D (1997) The blue bang theory: new nature poetry. Redbeck Press, Bradford. ISBN 9780946980383

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Oddie, B and Moss, S (1997) Birding with Bill Oddie. BBC Books, London. ISBN 9780563387480

Pullinger, K (1997) My life as a girl in a men's prison. Phoenix House, London. ISBN 9781861590244

Rigby, S (1997) Fossils: the story of life. Earthwatch.

Book Chapter or Section

Bentham, R (1997) 'Poem.' In: West, P.V.T, Allen, S.J and Hague, G, eds. Rive Gauche: women poets writing and performing in Bristol in the 1990's. Rive Gauche, Bristol. ISBN 9780953037001

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Hughes, W and Hill, T (1997) '“For the blood is the life”: the construction of purity in Bram Stoker’s 'Dracula'.' In: Hill, T, ed. Decadence and danger: writing, history and the fin de siècle. Sulis Press, Bath, pp. 128-137. ISBN 9780952685623

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Stamp, R (1997) 'The free voice of men [translation of original work by Jean-Luc Nancy] & In the name of... [translation of original work by Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe].' In: Sparks, S, ed. Retreating the political. Warwick Studies in Euopean Philosophy . Routledge, London. ISBN 9780415151627

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Conference or Workshop Item

Barrington, R, Hamilton, C and Harries, T (1997) Numeracy and low attainers in mathematics. In: British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics, 1997, University of Bristol.

De Sequeira, A, Kelly, N. A, Trevan, M, Reuben, B. G and Reuben, C. A (1997) Un indicateur temps-temperature a phénol oxydase pour contrôler la nourriture refrigeree (A phenol oxidase time-temperature indicator for chilled food monitoring). In: International Symposium on Predictive Microbiology Applied to Chilled Food Preservation, 16 - 18 June 1997, Quimper, France.

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Snell, R (1997) The lie of the land. Paton Gallery, London, 19 September - 19 October 1997.

Snell, R (1997) The promised land. Bond Gallery, Birmingham, 23 August - 12 September 1997.

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Wilson, C (1997) Eraser. Laurent Delaye Gallery, London, UK, October - November 1997.


Hyde, J (1997) GoldGlow.

Saunders, J (1997) Six pieces.


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Whistler, D (1997) In the Path of the Sun.


Bentham, R (1997) The body.


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