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Dunseath, J and Wilsher, M, eds. (2016) Artist boss: Anthony Caro's studio assistants and issues of legacy in British sculpture. Wunderkammer Press, Bath. ISBN 9780993551109 Please click the title to check availability.

Hartley, A and Kovats, T, eds. (2016) Now here is land. Victorian Miro, London. ISBN 9780993179839

Bonnell, M (2016) Imaginary Worlds [group exhibition]. Oriel Davies Gallery, Newtown, Wales, 22 October 2016 - 25 February 2017.

Brooks, J (2016) Geometra. Monika Bobinska/Canal Projects, London, UK, 14 January - 6 February 2016.

Brooks, J (2016) Saturate. In: DR/OP, Komyoji-Kaikan, Hiroshima, Japan, 3 - 22 May 2016.

Brooks, J (2016) The archivist. Galerie Laurent Mueller, Paris, France, 14 June - 16 July 2016.

Brooks, J (2016) The missing: rebuilding the past [group exhibition]. Jessica Carlisle Gallery, London, UK, 15 April - 7 May 2016.

Brown, A.R (2016) Egg-head-banger? Critical reflections on a “career” in metal studies. In: Modern Heavy Metal Conference: Markets, Practices and Cultures, 30 June - 1 July 2016, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland.

Brown, A.R (2016) '“Girls like metal, too!”: female reader’s engagement with the masculinist culture of the tabloid metal magazine.' In: Heesch, F and Scott, N, eds. Heavy metal, gender and sexuality: interdisciplinary approaches. Routledge, Abingdon, pp. 163-181. ISBN 9781472424792

Brown, A.R (2016) Progressive metal? : re-evaluating classic, neo- and post-progressive metals and other (post-rock) alloys. In: Metal (&) Musicology, 12 March 2016, University of Hull, Hull, UK.

Brown, A.R (2016) 'Un(su)stained class? : figuring out the identity-politics of heavy metal’s class demographics.' In: Brown, A.R, Spracklen, K, Kahn-Harris, K and Scott, N.W.R, eds. Global metal music and culture: current directions in metal studies. Routledge, New York, NY, pp. 190-206. ISBN 9781138822382

Brown, A.R (2016) 'The ballad of heavy metal: re-thinking artistic and commercial strategies in the mainstreaming of metal and hard rock.' In: Walter, B.G, Riches, G, Snell, D and Bardine, B, eds. Heavy metal studies and popular culture. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, pp. 61-81. ISBN 9781137456670

Brown, A.R (2016) A manifesto for metal studies: putting the politics of metal in its place. In: Metal Music Studies, ISSMS Conference: Metal & Politics, 9 June 2016, Bournemouth University, Bournemouth, UK.

Brown, A.R, Spracklen, K, Kahn-Harris, K and Scott, N.W.R (2016) 'Introduction: global metal music and culture and metal studies.' In: Brown, A.R, Spracklen, K, Kahn-Harris, K and Scott, N.W.R, eds. Global metal music and culture: current directions in metal studies. Routledge, New York, NY, pp. 1-21. ISBN 9781138822382

Carderera, L, Bryan-Wilson, J, Flood, C, McBrinn, J, Wilson, C.J.R ORCID: 0000-0003-0084-2198 and Smith, M (2016) Queer craft…? In: Design Culture Salon 21, 20 May 2016, V&A, London, UK.

Clarke, R and Fillingham, P (2016) DRIVE THRU [curators]. QPark, Cavendish Square, London, UK, 6 - 9 October 2016.

Dalwood, D (2016) Deluge (2006) & Bay of Pigs (2004) & Brian Jones’ swimming pool (2000) & Grosvenor Square (2002) & Kurt Cobain’s greenhouse (2000). In: Painters' Painters, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK, 30 November 2016 - 28 February 2017. ISBN 9781909413092

Dalwood, D (2016) A & E (2013) & Jack Straws Castle (2013) & Roundhouse (2014). In: The Painting Show, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania, 22 January - 13 March 2016. ISBN 9780863557798

Dalwood, D (2016) Expérience sonore [group exhibition]. Musée d’Art moderne, Troyes, France, 21 May - 21 August 2016.

Dalwood, D (2016) Half moon street (2012). In: Mon Art à Moi, Musée d’Art Moderne de Troyes, Troyes, France, 21 May - 28 August 2016.

Dalwood, D (2016) Ian Curtis (2001). In: Happy Ending, FRAC Champagne-Ardenne, Reims, France, 22 January - 24 April 2016.

Dalwood, D (2016) Ian Curtis (2001). In: Expérience Sonore, Musée d’Art Moderne de Troyes, Troyes, France, 21 May - 28 August 2016.

Dalwood, D (2016) Marie-Henri Beyle (2013) & Mao’s study (remix) (2015). In: Fragmentos A Su Imán, Galeria Horrach Moyà, Palma de Majorca, Spain, 9 December 2016 - 9 March 2017.

Dalwood, D (2016) Propaganda Painting. Simon Lee Gallery, Hong Kong, China, 22 March – 14 May 2016.

Dalwood, D (2016) Talk and Tour: Dexter Dalwood on Flat Surface Painting. In: Artist Talk Series, 10 March 2016, Spike Island, Bristol, UK.

Dalwood, D and McBride, E (2016) Can we keep making it new: Dexter Dalwood and Eimear McBride in conversation with Lara Feigel. In: Launch of the 2017 Ivan Juritz Prize, 16 November 2016, Edmund J Safra Lecture Theatre, King’s College London, UK.

Dunseath, J (2016) Artist Boss [website].

Dunseath, J (2016) Artist Boss at Bath Spa [curator]. Bath School of Art & Design, Bath Spa University, Bath, UK, 6 December 2016 - 20 January 2017.

Dunseath, J (2016) Artist Boss: Pool [curator and exhibitor]. The Cut, Halesworth, UK, 3 September - 6 October 2016.

Dunseath, J and Wilsher, M (2016) Artist Boss: Anthony Caro [curators]. New Art Centre, Salisbury, UK, 19 November 2016 - 29 January 2017.

Dunseath, J and Wilsher, M (2016) 'Artist boss.' In: Dunseath, J and Wilsher, M, eds. Artist boss: Anthony Caro's studio assistants and issues of legacy in British sculpture. Wunderkammer Press, Bath, pp. 19-27. ISBN 9780993551109

Dutton, S (2016) Art, philosophy, writing and speech. In: International Conference on Artistic Research, 28 -29 April 2016, University of the Arts, The Hague, Netherlands.

Dutton, S and Bracey, A (2016) Trans-Art Triennial [curators]. Uferstudios, Berlin, Germany, 5 - 7 August 2016.

Dutton, S and Morrad, A (2016) A work in process. In: Fine Art Research Network Symposium: Research Practice - Practice Research, 15 July 2016, University of Cumbria Institute of the Arts, Lancaster, UK.

Farrar, R (2016) Women in adventure. Factory Media.

Feasey, R (2016) 'Masculinity in contemporary quality television' and 'Contemporary masculinities in fiction, film and television [book review]. Critical Studies in Television: The International Journal of Television Studies, 11 (3). pp. 385-387. ISSN 1749-6039

Feasey, R (2016) Maternal readings of childbirth on screen. In: Televising Childbirth Seminar Series, 21 September 2016, University of Nottingham,.

Feasey, R (2016) Mothers on mothers: maternal readings of popular television. Peter Lang. ISBN 9783034318266

Freeman, M (2016) Author-as-franchise-product: Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. and Tarzan as historical transmedia entertainment. In: BAFTSS Annual Conference – British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies, 14-16 April 2016, University of Reading, Reading, UK.

Freeman, M (2016) Crossing media, time and countries: understanding transmedia as contexts of cultural specificity. In: SCMS Annual Conference, 30 March - 3 April 2016, Hilton Atlanta, Atlanta, USA.

Freeman, M (2016) Historicising transmedia storytelling: early twentieth-century transmedia story worlds. Routledge, London. ISBN 9781138217690

Freeman, M (2016) Industrial approaches to media: a methodological gateway to industry studies. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke. ISBN 9781137551757

Freeman, M (2016) Promoting transmedia 'Star Wars': strategies of branding and un-branding a galaxy far, far away. In: SCMS Annual Conference, 30 March - 3 April 2016, Hilton Atlanta, Atlanta, USA.

Freeman, M (2016) "Real” transmedia: cultures and communities of multiplatform media in Colombia. In: Kick-Starting Media: Cultures of Funding in Contemporary Media Industries, 9 June 2016, Bath Spa University, Bath, UK.

Freeman, M (2016) 'Small change - big difference: tracking the transmediality of Red Nose Day.' View: Journal of European Television History and Culture, 5 (10). pp. 87-96. ISSN 2213-0969 Please click the title to check availability.

Freeman, M (2016) Transmedia archaeologies in North and South America: "the clue to reconciliation in our country". In: Culture, Communication and Media Research Seminars, 30 November 2016, MediaCityUK, University of Salford, UK.

Galpin, P (2016) Ceramics and the haptic - a case study sited in Worcester Cathedral. PhD thesis, Bath Spa University.

Ghosh, S (2016) 'In defiance of the State: the Nehru era and Satyajit Ray’s films.' South Asian Studies, 32 (2). pp. 144-154. ISSN 2153-2699

Hall, M, Harrison, K and Pheby, H (2016) Magz Hall and Keith Harrison in conversation with Helen Pheby. In: Jerwood Open Forest, 21 November 2016, Jerwood Space, London, UK.

Harman, W.H (2016) 30th Gold Coast International Ceramic Art Award [group exhibition]. The Arts Centre, Gold Coast, Australia, 27 August - 23 October 2016.

Harman, W.H (2016) Ceramic bananas: looking at Taiwanese cultural identity. In: Bath Spa University Early Stage Researcher Conference: Ethics, 16 May 2017, Bath Spa University, Corsham, UK.

Harman, W.H (2016) Exploring Taiwanese cultural identity through contemporary ceramic practice. In: New Taipei City Yingge Ceramic Museum Artist Talks, 20 February 2016, New Taipei City Yingge Ceramic Museum, New Taipei, Taiwan.

Harman, W.H (2016) Floating Writing. Bath Spa University Library, Bath, UK, 18 March - 15 April 2016.

Harman, W.H (2016) The Human Condition [group exhibition]. MADL, Taipei, Taiwan, 20 February - 4 March 2-16.

Harman, W.H (2016) ICMEA 2016 Emerging Artists Competition [group exhibition]. International Ceramic Art Museums, Fuping, China, 26 October 2016 - 26 October 2017.

Harman, W.H (2016) The Language of Ceramics. New Taipei City Yingge Ceramic Museum, New Taipei, Taiwan, 20 February - 15 March 2016.

Harman, W.H (2016) Taiwanese cultural identity: revelations through contemporary ceramic practice. In: Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution Lecture Series, 25 October 2016, BRLSI, Bath, UK.

Harris, H (2016) Inland. Sion Hill Gallery, Bath Spa University, Bath, UK, 28 February - 8 March 2016.

Harrison, K (2016) The Greater Taipei Biennial of Contemporary Arts: Dé-coïncidence [group exhibition]. National Taiwan University of Art, New Taipei, Taiwan, 7 November 2016 - 14 January 2017.

Harrison, K (2016) Heavy Rock | Mould. In: Material Language: New Work in Clay, New Art Centre, Salisbury, UK, 14 May - 24 July 2016.

Harrison, K (2016) Joyride. In: Jerwood Open Forest, Jerwood Space, London, UK, 2 November - 11 December 2016.

Harrison, K (2016) Keith Harrison: artist talk. In: UWE/Art in the City Talks, 16 November 2016, Arnolfini, Bristol, UK.

Harrison, K (2016) Provocation. In: Museums, Artists, Audiences: New Expressions, 11 October 2016, The Horniman Museum, London, UK.

Hong, Y (2016) Drawing flowers. In: Making is Thinking is Making: La Nouva Arte Coreana - XXI La Triennale di Milano, Milan, Italy, 2 April - 12 September 2016.

Hong, Y (2016) A Fire That Never Dies. Cecilia Hillstrom Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden, 14 January - 20 February 2016.

Hong, Y (2016) Let us dance. In: South Korea Guest of Honour at Art Paris Art Fair, Grand Palais, Paris, France, 3 - 5 March 2016.

Kidd, N (2016) The Greater Taipei Biennial of Contemporary Arts: Dé-coïncidence [group exhibition]. National Taiwan University of Art, New Taipei, Taiwan, 7 November 2016 - 14 January 2017.

Kidd, N (2016) Overfill. In: Oriel Davies Open: Painting, Oriel Davies, Newtown, Wales, 16 April - 15 June 2016.

Kidd, N (2016) A case for digging: curious about care. In: Arts Public Lecture Series, 10 May 2016, University of Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton, UK.

Kidd, N and Addison, J (2016) By instruction: 'No Working Title'... Misunderstanding, misinterpretation, failure and disappointment. The unstable intersection between what is instructed and how it is interpreted. In: The Hidden Curriculum: Annual Symposium for Fine Art Educators, 22 January 2016, London Metropolitan University, London.

Kovats, T (2016) All the sea [2012] & All the islands of all the seas [2016]. In: Land, Sea and Air, The New Art Gallery Walsall, UK, 27 May - 4 September 2016.

Kovats, T (2016) Introduction. In: The Resilience of Drawing Symposium, 11 May 2016, UAL Chelsea, London, UK.

Kovats, T (2016) Nowhereisland postcards.

Kovats, T (2016) Reef 1 & Reef 2 [2014]. In: Venice Biennale: Vita Vitale, Azerbaijan Pavilion, Venice, Italy, 9 May - 22 November 2015.

Kovats, T, Hartley, A, Doherty, C and Bickerstaff, D (2016) Panel discussion. In: Now Here is Land, 1 December 2016, Victoria Miro Gallery, London, UK.

Lalic, M (2016) History painting. Red (2016) & French red vermilion landscape painting (2016) & Scheveningen red deep landscape painting (2016). In: Fifty Shades of Red, Galerie Renate Bender, Munich, Germany, 13 May - 2 July 2016.

Lalic, M (2016) Lead triptych (1987) & Lead fall – lead red (1994) & Lead fall – chrome green deep (1994) & Yellow violet opposite painting (1993). In: Soft Alchemy, FoxJensen Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand, 26 October - 11 November 2016.

Lamont, B.R (2016) Beyond 'The bell jar': a mental health writing workshop. In: Bombay Literary Review World Tour, 13 August 2016, Waterstones, Cheltenham, UK.

Lamont, B.R (2016) Doll Hospital Journal: an introduction. In: Mentality, December 2016, Off The Record, Bristol, UK.

Lamont, B.R (2016) 'Editorial.' Doll Hospital Journal, 3.

Lamont, B.R (2016) How has the digital landscape shifted our attitudes towards childhood sexual abuse survivors? In: Writing Gender and Self, 10 - 11 June 2016, Bath Spa University, UK.

Lamont, B.R (2016) Misogyny and memory: how has the figure of the survivor become ‘gendered’ in digital spaces? In: Gender and Digital Cultures, 17 November 2016, Cardiff University, UK.

Lamont, B.R (2016) Visual Activism [group exhibition]. In: NEFELE Festival: 1st European Art Festival for Mental Health, Bouzianis Museum, Athens, Greece, 1 - 16 October 2016.

Lamont, B.R (2016) We Are What We Archive [group exhibition]. Inference Archive, New York City, NY, USA, 29 September 2016 - 15 January 2017.

Levy, C (2016) Some Will Forget.

Luzar, R (2016) Demonstrations. Skelf SITE [online], 1 October - 3 November 2016.

Luzar, R (2016) Facing/Faceless. In: About Face Symposium, 21 January 2016, Hauser & Wirth Somerset, Bruton, UK.

Luzar, R (2016) Four steps for lighting balls and chords. In: Draw to Perform 3, Crows Nest Gallery, London, UK, 30 - 31 July 2016.

Luzar, R (2016) How am I? Thinking ‘being’ through excess, exscription and saturated phenomena. In: Inter-Religious and Inter-Cultural Dialogue in a Pluralistic World: Philosophical and Theological Perspectives, 1 - 2 June 2016, Oviidius University, Constanta, Romania.

Luzar, R (2016) Objectless faith through inaesthetics. In: Knowledge, Reality, Transcendence: A Dialogue Between East & West, 31 October - 6 November 2016, Constanta, Sinaia, Vatra Dornei, Romania.

Luzar, R (2016) Re-tracing post, stance, paper. In: Draw to Perform 3, OCAD University, Toronto, Canada, 10 February 2016.

Luzar, R (2016) Screened page & Posts retraced. In: Line, Point, Plane: Minimalism in Architectural Space, Nunnery Gallery, London, UK, 20 – 25 September 2016.

Luzar, R (2016) Screened page / screened window. In: Drawing Upon Experience, Basement Gallery, Bath Spa University, Corsham, UK, 16 May - 23 July 2016.

Luzar, R (2016) 'Turning around the written mark, opening from a weight of thought.' In: Giunta, C and Janus, A, eds. Nancy and visual culture. Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, pp. 181-198. ISBN 9781474407496

Luzar, R and Gagliardi, F (2016) Two seen, one un-seeing. In: Duration and Dialogue: Performance Art Festival/Symposium, Katzman Contemporary, Toronto, Canada, 29 - 31 January 2016.

Massoumi, N (2016) Home in the frame: diasporic, domestic ethnography in documentary film practice. PhD thesis, University of Bristol.

Morrad, A and Dutton, S (2016) Words fail me. In: Fine Art Research Network Symposium: Research Practice - Practice Research, 15 July 2016, University of Cumbria Institute of the Arts, Lancaster, UK.

Neudecker, M (2016) After life. In: Documenting the World's Vanishing Glaciers, Scheilmünde Pilot Island, Germany, 23 July 2016.

Neudecker, M (2016) Some Things Happen All At Once. Zeppelin Museum, Friedrichshafen, Germany, 29 January - 3 April 2016.

Neudecker, M (2016) Tempest [group exhibition]. Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, 10 June - 20 November 2016.

Parry, B (2016) 'Beyond aesthetics: poetics of Autoconstruccion in Mexico City.' In: Kosmala, K and Imas, M, eds. Precarious spaces: the arts, social and organisational change. Intellect, Bristol, pp. 87-111. ISBN 9781783205936 Please click the title to check availability.

Parry, B (2016) 'Theses on urban art intervention.' In: Davis, T, ed. Changing metropolis III. Kobenhavns International Teater, Copenhagen, pp. 102-106. ISBN 9788799422920 Please click the title to check availability.

Parry, B and Wodiczko, K (2016) 'War veteran vehicle.' In: Wodiczko, K, ed. Transformative avant-garde and other writings. Black Dog Press, London, pp. 254-262. ISBN 9781910433270

Pennie, M (2016) Adventures in Wiltshire. Artworth, Atworth. ISBN 099340460X

Proctor, W and Freeman, M (2016) 'The first step into a smaller world: the transmedia economy of 'Star Wars'.' In: Wolf, M.J.P, ed. Revisiting imaginary worlds: a subcreation studies anthology. Routledge, pp. 223-245. ISBN 9781138942059

Proctor, W and Freeman, M (2016) The first step into a smaller world: the transmedia economy of Disney's Star Wars. In: Fantasies of Contemporary Culture, 23 May 2016, Cardiff University, Cardiff.

Robertson, M (2016) BRtoBA. In: The Enemies Project: The South West Poetry Tour, Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institution, Bath, UK, 6 August 2016.

Robertson, M (2016) Residuuum. In: Vocal Vertebra BCN, Universidad Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain, 5 October 2016.

Robertson, M (2016) 'Score 11.15_1' & 'Score 11.15_2.' Pocket Litter, May.

Robertson, M and Fontaine, G (2016) Score 11.15. In: Vocal Vertebra #2 : an Evening of Sound Poetry Performances, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK, 12 May 2016.

Robertson, M and Saville, P (2016) Multicolour TM [product range], Tate Modern, UK.

Sharpe, W and Taylor, A (2016) Wendy Sharpe in conversation with Anita Taylor. In: Drawing Discussions Series, 3 June 2016, Drawing Projects UK, Trowbridge, UK.

Snell, R (2016) Stalker (2005). In: Norwich Contemporary Arts Society Sixty Years On: Treasures from the Castle's Collection, Norwich Castle Museum, Norwich, UK, 26 September 2016 - March 17.

Sowden, T (2016) Pagination: the Book as Object [group exhibition]. The University Gallery, University of Newcastle, Australia, 30 March - 30 April 2016.

Sowden, T (2016) Shelfware [group exhibition]. Line Gallery, Stroud, UK, 5 - 27 August 2016.

Sowden, T, Mason, D and Rintoul, J (2016) Make and think: the tacit knowledge of practice. In: UWE Bristol Talks, 24th November 2016, Arnolfini.

Steele, J (2016) 'Towards a ‘transnational regional’ cinema: the francophone Belgian case study.' Transnational Cinemas, 7 (1). pp. 50-66. ISSN 2040-3526

Taylor, A (2016) Drawings - Anita Taylor. Drawing Projects UK, Trowbridge, UK, 3 December 2016 - 27 January 2017.

Taylor, A (2016) Jerwood Drawing Prize 2016. The Edge, Bath, UK, 4 November - 17 December 2016.

Taylor, A (2016) Reservation. In: Century: 100 Modern British Artists, Jerwood Gallery, Hastings, UK, 23 October 2016 - 8 January 2017.

Tooby, M and Scott, T (2016) 'A journey with 'The waste land'.' Arts & Education (8). pp. 8-9.

Turk, G (2016) Ajar (2011). In: Sculpture in the City, Square Mile, London, UK, 1 June 2016 - 1 June 2017.

Turk, G (2016) Egg balance.

Turk, G (2016) GT. Jablonka Maruani Mercier Gallery, Knokke, Belgium, 6 August - 15 September 2016.

Turk, G (2016) Gav (Library Bar). Bruchium - Al Forno, Venice, Italy, 7 May - 22 November 2015.

Turk, G (2016) Nomad (2003). In: Found, The Foundling Museum, London, UK, 27 May - 4 September 2016.

Turk, G (2016) Nomad (black) (2006). In: In a Dream You Saw a Way to Survive and You Were Full of Joy, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, UK, 10 June - 30 October 2016.

Turk, G (2016) One twenty five (2013). In: NEON: The Charged Line, Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool, UK, 1 September 2016 - 7 January 2017.

Turk, G (2016) Oscar (1999). In: Surrealism and Beyond, Von Bartha Collection, Basel, Switzerland, 21 April - 19 June 2016.

Turk, G (2016) Petroleum. The Baldwin Gallery, Aspen, USA, 12 February - 12 March 2016.

Turk, G (2016) Pink Che (2005). In: Bread and Roses: Artists and the Class Divide, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, Poland, 9 February - 1 May 2016.

Turk, G (2016) Pop up (2000). In: Punk: Its Traces in Contemporary Art, MACBA Museu d´Art Contemporani de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain, 13 May - 25 September 2016.

Turk, G (2016) Water biscuit (2010). In: The Box, Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, London, UK, 22 January - 13 February 2016.

Turk, G (2016) Who What When Where How and Why. Newport Street Gallery, London, UK, 23 November 2016 – 19 March 2017.

Turk, G (2016) Yellow fright wig (2014). In: The Legacy of Andy Warhol, Artipelag, Stockholm, Sweden, 14 April - 25 September 2016.

Turk, G (2016) The shining (2007). In: Daydreaming with Stanley Kubrick, Somerset House, London, UK, 6 July - 24 August 2016.

Tweed, C (2016) Archimeters (2011). In: Selected VI, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow, UK, 25 May 2016.

Tweed, C (2016) Archimeters (2011). In: Both Sides Now 3: Screenings in East Asia, Woolloomooloo, Taipei, 19 August - 9 December 2016.

Tweed, C (2016) Artist's talk: Charlie Tweed. In: LifeSpace Science Art Research Gallery Artist Talks Series, 30 September 2016, LifeSpace Science Art Research Gallery, Dundee, UK.

Tweed, C (2016) Oporavak. In: Cold Bodies, Warm Machines: Art, Technology and the Posthuman, 9 - 11 September 2016, NRW-Forum, Düsseldorf, Germany.

Tweed, C (2016) The signal and the noise. In: Silent Signal, Quad, Derby, UK, 6 February - 6 March 2016 and 18 March - 23 April 2016.

Tweed, C (2016) The signal and the noise.

Tweed, C (2016) The signal and the noise. In: Silent Signal Symposium, 26 February 2016, College of Arts, University of Derby, UK.

Tweed, C (2016) The signal and the rock. In: STRATA: Art and Science Collaborations in the Anthropocene, 15 January 2016, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Aberystwyth, Wales.

White, R (2016) Artists and archives, re-patriating memory, generating resonances. In: Discovering Collections, Discovering Communities, 10 - 12 October 2016, The Lowry, Manchester, UK.

White, R (2016) Find Another Bath [group exhibition]. 44AD Gallery, Bath, UK, 15 - 20 November 2016.

White, R (2016) Forced Walks: Honouring Esther… an instant case study. In: Shuffle Festival: Movement Migration and Place, 24 July - 1 August 2015, London, UK.

White, R (2016) Only the disenchanted are free: social hiking, mapping and the academy. In: RGS-IBG Annual International Conference, 30 August - 2 September 2016, Royal Geographical Society, London, UK.

White, R (2016) Social media and walking: heritage, performance and participation. In: Public Engagement and Performance Conference, 18 - 19 March 2016, York, UK.

White, R (2016) 'Social media trails, mapping and mashing memories at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.' Livingmaps Review, 1 (1). ISSN 2398-0338

White, R (2016) Walking not drowning. 44AD Gallery, Bath, UK, 1 June 2016.

White, R (2016) Walking out on enchantment: walking, social media and human rights. In: Landscaping Change, 29 - 31 March 2016, Bath Spa University, Bath, UK.

White, R (2016) utopia:dystopia in conversation. In: Bath Fringe Festival, 28 May 2016, Bath School of Art and Design, Bath Spa University, Bath, UK.

Wilson, C (2016) Wallpaper fragment & Inscription in arsenic green (after David) & Les Invalides. In: Poison - An Anti-Visual Strategy (Rock Room Project), UCL Rock Room, UCL, London, 11 -13 May 2016.

Wilson, C (2016) Wands & Rabbits. In: Beep 2016: This must be the place I never wanted to leave, Swansea College of Art, Swansea, Wales (then touring), 6 August - 3 September 2016.

Wilson, C.J.R ORCID: 0000-0003-0084-2198 (2016) Writing_Making: object as body, language and material. PhD thesis, Royal College of Art.

Wood, J and Harrison, P (2016) 100 falls (2013) & One more kilometre (2009). In: A Laborious Dedication to Useless Tasks, The Deptford Project, London, UK, 26 - 27 November 2016.

Wood, J and Harrison, P (2016) Erdkunde (2015). In: Looking at One Thing and Thinking of Something Else - Part One: Dialogues with Art History, Carroll/Fletcher Gallery, London, UK, 11 November 2016 – 25 February 2017.

Wood, J and Harrison, P (2016) I Didn't Know I Didn't Know It. The Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada, 12 February - 24 April 2016.

Wood, J and Harrison, P (2016) Night and day (2008). In: Ascents: Light Art Festival, Stuttgart, Germany, 17 September - 9 October 2016.

Wood, J and Harrison, P (2016) Some Things Were Recorded 1993-1998. Carroll/Fletcher, London, UK, 9 September- 29 October 2016.

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