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Bishop, D (2009) Small firms and universities: how training markets are socially constructed. VDM Verlag, Saarbrucken. ISBN 9783639129687

Bizley, K (2009) AQA GCSE physical education. Nelson Thornes, Cheltenham. ISBN 9781408502983

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Ward, S and Eden, C (2009) Key issues in education policy. SAGE Publications, London. ISBN 9781847874665

Book Chapter or Section

Bianchi, J (2009) 'Intercultural trans-disciplinary arts practice: a model of educational research for development.' In: Tirussew, T, ed. Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Educational Research for Development. College of Education, Addis Ababa University, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. ISBN 9789994484409

Dafoulas, G and Anagnostopoulou, K (2009) 'Quality assurance - an endeavour in enhancing teaching and learning experience through collaborative and assistive technologies.' In: Proceedings of the International Conference of Quality, Enhancement: Experience, Challenges and Perspectives for Armenian Higher Education. Yerevan State University, Yerevan.

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la Velle, L, Olszewska, M and Gurnett, D (2009) 'On track: using the West Somerset Mineral Railway to promote historical, social and environmental education.' Primary History, 52. pp. 26-28.

Conference or Workshop Item

Campagna, P (2009) Motivation through languages and sport. In: Languages Meet Sport 1, October 2009, Trieste, Italy.

Campagna, P (2009) Partnership: ITT providers and schools. In: ITT MFL: National Conference, September 2009, University of Leicester, Leicester, UK.

Coombs, S and Sorensen, N (2009) 'Effective', 'Excellent', 'Outstanding: Unravelling the lexicon of 'good practice'. In: International Professional Development Association. International Conference 2009, 26-28 November, Paragon Hotel, Birmingham, UK.

Green, L (2009) Girls re-inventing sport: a participatory approach to youth work. In: North American Society for the Sociology of Sport, Conference, 4 - 7 November 2009, Ottawa, Canada.

Lawrence, S (2009) What works in the classroom: project on the history of mathematics and the collaborative teaching practice. In: Sixth Congress of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education, 28 January - 1 Februay 2009, Lyon, France.

Mansergh, J and Witt, M (2009) Breaking the anxiety spiral: how teacher education institutions can help maths anxious primary teacher trainees. In: British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics (BSRLM) Conference, 20 June 2009, University of Bristol.

McInnes, K (2009) PhD research: the role of playful practice for learning in the early years. In: NUT National Education Conference, 11 -12 July 2009, Stoke Rochford Hall, Grantham, UK.

McInnes, K, Howard, J, Miles, G and Crowley, K (2009) Transitions in adult-child interactions during playful and formal practice conditions. In: BPS Psychology of Education Section Annual Conference, 30 October - 1 November 2009, Preston, UK.

Ní Mhocháin, R (2009) Conversational difficulties for ESL learners: focus group data. In: Corpora and Interaction Inter-Varietal Applied Corpus Studies Research Symposium (IVACS), Edinburgh, UK.

Riddell, R (2009) Continuity of expectation: middle class parents, independent school and 'good' university, or, how social structure aids reproduction. In: BERA Annual Conference, 2-5 September 2009, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK.

Simon, C.A (2009) Trans(parent) policy making. The role of parents in education: lessons for European education. In: European conference on Educational Research (ECER), 28-30 September 2009, University of Vienna, Vienna.

Sorensen, N (2009) Creating a culture of professional learning: the role of metaphor, teacher narrative and improvisation in school-based CPD. In: BERA Annual Conference, 2-5 September 2009, University of Manchester.


Commissioned Report


Harding, D and Humphreys, K (2009) The Expect Respect Educational Toolkit. Women's Aid Federation of Bristol.

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