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Bhatti, G (1995) 'A journey into the unknown; ethnographic study of Asian children.' In: Griffiths, M and Troyna, B, eds. Antiracism, culture and social justice in education. Trentham, Stoke on Trent. ISBN 9781858560373

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Clayden, P (1995) Departing harbour. Touring production, 1995.

Clayden, P (1995) Tiny downfalls. Touring production, 1995.

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Cologne-Brookes, G (1995) The novels of William Styron : from harmony to history. Southern literary studies . Louisiana State University Press, Baton Rouge. ISBN 9780807119006


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Gittings, L (1995) New Mr and Mrs show.

Griffin, B (1995) '"Such varmint": the Dublin police and the public, 1838–1913.' Irish Studies Review, 4 (13). pp. 21-25. ISSN 09670882


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Hyde, J (1995) Burnt out.


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Keep, A (1995) Radar (by Earthling).

Kerridge, R and Reeve, N (1995) Nearly too much. Liverpool English Texts and Studies, 26 . Liverpool University Press, Liverpool. ISBN 0853238502


McLaren, G (1995) Designing designers: British government policy and ceramic design education. In: Design, Industry and Government Initiatives: Past, Present and Future, 10 - 12 November 1995, Design History Research Centre at the University of Brighton.

McLaren, G (1995) Home hobby or professional vocation?: the struggle for the future in the Victorian china painting community. In: Association of Art Historians 21st Annual Conference: objects, histories and interpretations, 7 - 9 April 1995, Victoria and Albert Museum.

Moor, D (1995) Talking the sex of angels. The Place, London, UK, 17 June 1995.

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Moss, S (1995) Birds and weather: a birdwatchers' guide. Hamlyn, London. ISBN 9780600586791


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Sullivan, S, Konstant, T.L and Cunningham, A.B (1995) 'The effects of utilization by people and livestock on Hyphaene petersiana (Arecaceae) basketry resources in the palm savanna of North-Central Namibia.' Economic Botany, 49 (4). pp. 345-356. ISSN 0013-0001

Sullivan, S, Konstant, T.L and Cunningham, A.B (1995) 'The impact of utilization of palm products on the population structure of the vegetable ivory palm (Hyphaene petersiana, arecaceae) in North-Central Namibia.' Economic Botany, 49 (4). pp. 357-370. ISSN 0013-0001


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Tooby, M, Daniel, S and Barlow, M (1995) From the interior : selected sculptures 1981-1995 = O'r canol : cerflunia dethol 1981-1995. Oriel Mostyn, Llandudno. ISBN 9780906860298

Tooby, M and Shalev, D (1995) Tate Gallery St Ives: the building. Tate Publishing, London. ISBN 9781854371614


Whistler, D (1995) Shadows on the Western Front.

Wilson, C (1995) Microgallery. Slade Gallery, University College London, UK, November 1995.

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