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Alderman, N (2007) Disobedience. Penguin. ISBN 9780141025957

Alderman, N (2007) Perplex City.

Allen, D (2007) Out of the ordinary: an exhibition of contemporary ceramics. Newport Museum and Art Gallery, 2007.

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Clarke, R (2007) Visualisation Summit. Venue: ARchENA, Hongergerberg, ETH Zurich.

Cockayne, A (2007) Deep inspiration: an exhibition featuring the work of emerging artists around the theme of breath and breathing. Venue: Jerwood Space London, 171 Union Street, London SE1 0LN.

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Duddell, J (2007) Four (mere) bagatelles.

Duddell, J (2007) Grace under pressure.

Dunn, L (2007) Shadowing the sun. Portobello Books, London. ISBN 9781846271175

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