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Alderman, N (2008) Alice in Storyland.

Allen, D (2008) Fireworks. Clay Studios ten years on. In: Touring exhibition, Black Swan Arts, Eton, Oriel Myrddin, Oriel y Bont, llantarnam Grange Arts Centre, 5 November - 7 December 2007.

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Bradley, S (2008) Soft 3. Barcelona, Toledo and Madrid, Spain, 2008.

Bradley, S (2008) Wearable Expressions: The sixth biennial international exhibition of the ultimate in wearable art. Palos Verdes Art Center, Rolling Hills Estates CA, USA, February 2008.

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Duddell, J (2008) Azalea Fragments.

Duddell, J (2008) Nightswimming, for piano trio.

Duddell, J (2008) The Redwood Tree.

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Evans, P (2008) A country diary.


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