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Ahmed Shafi, A, Templeton, S, Middleton, T, Millican, R, Vare, P, Pritchard, R and Hatley, J (2020) 'Towards a dynamic interactive model of resilience (DIMoR) for education and learning contexts.' Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties, 25 (2). pp. 183-198. ISSN 1363-2752


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Brooks, K (2020) Making a stand with Mary [blog post]. Research Exchange - The Social History Society. Please click the title to check availability.


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Gillott, L, Joyce-Gibbons, A and Hidson, E (2020) 'Exploring and comparing computational thinking skills in students who take GCSE Computer Science and those who do not.' International Journal of Computer Science Education in Schools, 3 (4). pp. 3-22. ISSN 2513-8359


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Niolaki, G.Z, Vousden, J, Terzopoulos, A.R, Taylor, L.M, Sephton, S and Masterson, J (2020) 'Predictors of single word spelling in English speaking children: a cross sectional study.' Journal of Research in Reading, 43 (4). pp. 577-596. ISSN 0141-0423



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Yuan, T (2020) 'Re-thinking international students' voice in south-south cooperation in higher education: an international development perspective 关于发展中国家留学生在华学习体验的反思.' Journal of International Students, 10 (S1). pp. 94-98. ISSN 2162-3104 Please click the title to check availability.


Zhu, Y (2020) 'Displaying intimate friendships: Chinese children’s practices of friendships at school.' Families, Relationships and Societies. ISSN 2046-7435

Zhu, Y (2020) 'Who are ‘good’ friends? Chinese parents’ influences on children’s friend selection.' In: Frankel, S and McNamee, S, eds. Bringing children back into the family: relationality, connectedness and home. Sociological Studies of Children and Youth, Vol. 27 . Emerald, Bingley, pp. 113-129. ISBN 9781838671976

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