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Book Chapter or Section

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Conference or Workshop Item

Mortimore, T (2018) Dyslexia: impact on academic performance and emotions. In: Parents’ and Carers’ Day: International Conference 2018, 14 April 2018, Telford, UK.

Mortimore, T (2017) Writing frames and mind mapping. In: Learning Difference Convention, 4 - 12 September 2017, Sydney, Australia.

Commissioned Report

Mortimore, T, Hansen, L, Hutchings, M, Northcote, A, Fernando, J, Horobin, L, Saunders, K and Everatt, J (2012) Dyslexia and multilingualism: identifying and supporting bilingual learners who might be at risk of developing SpLD/dyslexia. British Dyslexia Association.


Mortimore, T and Pilling, M (2016) The Dyslexia-Apps Project. Mirandanet.

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