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Arthurs, Y (2015) 'Psychophysical and psychological approaches to consonance and dissonance.' In: Ruggiero, G and Bruni, D, eds. Il ritmo della mente : la musica tra scienza cognitiva e psicoterapia. Mimesis, Milan, pp. 49-72. ISBN 9788857525464

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Boehm, J.D (2018) Henrietta Park [composer and conductor]. In: International Trumpet Guild Conference 2018, San Antonio, TX, USA, 31 May 2018. Please click the title to check availability.

Boehm, J.D (2018) Ovid's Dream. In: Alabama School of Fine Arts Faculty Recital, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL, USA, 26 February 2018. Please click the title to check availability.

Boehm, J.D (2016) Riots. In: Find Another Bath, Fringe Arts Bath, 44AD Art Gallery, Bath, UK, 15 - 20 November 2016.

Boehm, J.D (2016) 'Riots' performance at 'Find another Bath' book launch. In: Fringe Arts Bath, Gallery 44 A.D., Bath, UK, 19 November 2016.

Boehm, J.D (2015) Sonata for three.

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Duddell, J (2010) All stars aligned.

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Duddell, J (2012) The BBC Philharmonic presents Richard Hawley. Magna, Sheffield, UK, 8 September 2012.

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Duddell, J (2009) Cease sorrow now.

Duddell, J (1999) Circle square.

Duddell, J (1999) Computation.

Duddell, J (2001) Endgame.

Duddell, J (2007) Four (mere) bagatelles.

Duddell, J (1999) Fracture.

Duddell, J (2003) Freaky dancer.

Duddell, J (2001) Generation.

Duddell, J (2007) Grace under pressure.

Duddell, J (2006) Hyper-ballad.

Duddell, J (2006) Isolation.

Duddell, J (2004) Leave this city.

Duddell, J (2011) Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis.

Duddell, J (2004) Mnemonic.

Duddell, J (2004) New dawn fades.

Duddell, J (2008) Nightswimming, for piano trio.

Duddell, J (2002) Not waving but drowning.

Duddell, J (2002) Ode to English.

Duddell, J (1999) Parallel lines.

Duddell, J (2006) Protection.

Duddell, J (2014) Radio 1's Clean Bandit Symphony. In: Clean Bandit LIVE on BBC Radio 1, BBC Philharmonic Studio, Salford, 10 September 2014.

Duddell, J (2008) The Redwood Tree.

Duddell, J (2003) Ruby.

Duddell, J (2003) Scattered black and whites.

Duddell, J (2003) Shadowplay.

Duddell, J (2002) Snowblind.

Duddell, J (2003) Temporal keys.

Duddell, J (2001) Tree carving.

Duddell, J (2002) Two men hugging.

Duddell, J (2000) Vaporise.

Duddell, J (2011) An evening with James. In: UK tour.

Duddell, J (1999) The realside.

Duddell, J (2001) still life.

Duddell, J and Elbow, (2009) Elbow and the Halle Orchestra. In: Manchester International Festival, The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, UK, 8-9 July 2009.

Duddell, J and Garry, M (2015) St Anthony: an ode to Anthony H. Wilson.

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Farrar, R (2013) 'Point of Audition' app showcase. In: Hack the Quarter: Bristol Proms, 30 - 31 July 2013, Bristol Old Vic, Bristol, UK.

Farrar, R, Heywood, B and Telling, L (2015) Dear Carnegie Hall [app]. Please click the title to check availability.


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